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Fake Google SSL Certificates Putting Political Dissidents In Danger
2011-08-30 09:32:02

  Iranian internet users and others are believed to be at risk from a fake web certificate that could let hackers steal passwords and data from apparently secure connections to Google sites such as Gmail, CNET is reporting. The rogue SSL certificate is used to digitally “sign” HTTPS connections to any Google site and was issued by a Dutch company called DigiNotar on July 10. In particular, political dissidents who put their trust in Google´s systems for their...

2009-08-02 16:00:00

A nefarious new tactic used by hackers works similar to a telephone tap, intercepting information between computers and the trusted Web sites they visit. Hackers at last week's Black Hat and DefCon security conferences revealed a significant flaw in the way Web browsers filter untrustworthy sites and block users from accessing them. The flaw allows cybercriminals who penetrate a network to establish a secret eavesdropping position, enabling them to capture passwords, credit card numbers and...

2009-02-20 12:46:00

SSL Certificate Authority Answers New Digital Threats Presented at Black Hat Conference LINDON, Utah, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- On Wednesday, February 18 at the Black Hat conference in Washington, D.C., an independent hacker known as Moxie Marlinspike presented a software tool called SSLstrip designed to remove the SSL protection from websites using advanced man-in-the-middle attack methods. DigiCert, a major worldwide provider of SSL Certificates, replied that Extended Validation (EV) SSL...

2009-02-12 10:00:00

Paul Kurtz, former White House Advisor, to Keynote on the Move from Strategic Indecision to Leadership in Cyberspace SEATTLE, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Hat, the world's leading family of information security events today announced that Black Hat DC 2009 will showcase five new vulnerabilities and ten new tools at this year's event happening February 18-19, 2009 at Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. Paul Kurtz, a partner at Good Harbor Consulting and former White House...

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