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NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Funso Develop, Threaten Mozambique
2012-01-19 18:00:10

Residents of Mozambique are still recovering from the flooding caused by Tropical Depression Dando earlier this week and now newly formed Tropical Cyclone Funso threatens to bring more rainfall to the country. NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Tropical Cyclone Funso on January 19 and provided forecasters with two different views of the intensifying storm. At 0600 UTC on January 19, Tropical Storm Funso was located in the Mozambique Channel and about 685 miles (1,102 km) northeast of...

Image 1 - Satellites Help With Species Conservation
2011-11-18 04:28:29

Organisms living on small islands are particularly threatened by extinction. However, data are often lacking to objectively assess these threats. A team of German and British researchers used satellite imagery to assess the conservation status of endangered reptiles and amphibians of the Comoro archipelago in the Western Indian Ocean. The researchers used their results to point out which species are most threatened and to define priorities for future protected areas. The study was published...

2011-03-30 06:03:00

VENICE, Calif., March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Zambezi, an independent, full-service ad agency located in the heart of Venice Beach, announced today that it has been retained by two new clients: Champs Sports(TM) and popchips(TM). As Creative Agency of Record for Champs Sports, Zambezi will be developing new positioning and a fully integrated campaign to capture the essence of the brand as a sport-inspired lifestyle retailer. Work is expected to break in early summer. "The Zambezi team...

2011-02-15 18:00:00

Infrared data from NASA's AIRS instrument revealed that the low level center of Cyclone Bingiza was still over land in western Madagascar this morning, but the bulk of its rainfall was over the Mozambique Channel. When NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Madagascar this morning, Feb. 15 at 11:11 UTC (6:11 a.m. EST), the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument read the temperatures of the cold thunderstorm cloud tops in Cyclone Bingiza. Most of the strongest thunderstorms were north and...

2009-11-25 13:31:20

NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Cyclone Bongani today and provided some important data that have helped forecasters figure out where the storm is headed, and helped them see that it has changed course. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite captured infrared, microwave and visible images of Tropical Cyclone Bongani, and provided data on cloud height and extent, cloud top temperatures, and pressure. The infrared imagery also showed that Bongani has...

2008-09-20 12:00:27

By SARAH GILBERT 24-HOUR ROOM SERVICE There's time, there's African time and then there's Azura time. The lodge, on Benguerra Island, sets its clocks later than the mainland to allow guests an extra hour of sunshine. You even get your own host to cater to your every whim. After almost two decades of civil war and over a decade of peace, Mozambique is once again Africa's hottest beach destination. Benguerra is one of five tropical idylls that make up the Bazaruto Archipelago, and...

2007-09-19 09:01:22

Text of report by Comoran newspaper La Gazette des Comores on 18 September For a few days now, the Radio Ngazidja editorial team has been under censorship. All the information aimed at being broadcast on the radio's airwaves has to go through the Ngazidja government's Ministry of Communication, a colleague close to Radio Ngazidja who sees it as "an attack of the liberty of the press" said. Originally published by La Gazette des Comores, Moroni, in French 18 Sep 07. (c) 2007 BBC...

2007-08-03 15:40:19

Zambian water authorities are integrating information based on satellite imagery to alleviate water shortages. With inadequate information causing many water-related problems, an ESA project has generated a variety of environmental maps to provide local policy makers with the necessary tools for effective water resource management. As part of the IWAREMA (Integrated Water Resource management for Zambia) project, funded through ESA's Data User Element, data from ESA's multispectral MERIS...

2006-05-28 15:34:29

MORONI (Reuters) - Lava spewed from a volcano on the Indian Ocean island of Grande Comore on Sunday, lighting up the sky and sending scores of frightened residents onto the streets. Residents of Moroni, the capital of the Comoros islands, said they could see lava at the top of 2,361-meter (7,746-ft) Mount Karthala, one of the world's largest active volcanoes. Karthala last erupted in April 2005, affecting as many as 40,000 residents and forcing thousands to flee in fear of poisonous...

2006-05-14 08:03:24

By Tim Cocks MORONI (Reuters) - Comorans voted peacefully on Sunday in the last round of a presidential race dominated by concerns over extreme poverty and corruption, hoping to finally shake off a history of coups. Voters on the Indian Ocean archipelago of 670,000 people were choosing between three candidates in a poll aimed at reversing the mercenary overthrows and inter-island conflicts it has suffered ceaselessly since independence from France in 1975. A total of 309,957 people...

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