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How Does A Shape-shifting DNA-repair Machine Fight Cancer?
2014-02-04 12:27:58

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source reveals inner-workings of essential protein found throughout life. Maybe you’ve seen the movies or played with toy Transformers, those shape-shifting machines that morph in response to whatever challenge they face. It turns out that DNA-repair machines in your cells use a similar approach to fight cancer and other diseases, according to research led by scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s...

2011-03-28 13:08:16

The discovery at Scripps Research could usher in a new way of designing non-toxic drugs, researchers say Over the last years, two teams of researchers at The Scripps Research Institute have steadily built a model of how a powerful DNA repair complex works. Now, their latest discovery provides revolutionary insights into the way the molecular motor inside the complex functions "“ findings they say may have implications for treatment of disorders ranging from cancer to cystic fibrosis. In...

2009-01-07 13:51:36

A protein known for signaling cell injuries and preventing damaged cells from proliferating also repairs DNA, a published U.S. university study found. Mre11 -- part of a complex of proteins involved in DNA damage repair in mammals -- recognizes the damage and rapidly relocates to where a strand of genetic material is broken and could possibly join to a different DNA molecule, the University of Michigan researchers said in the journal Cell. Earlier research suggested Mre11 functioned only as a...

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