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2006-06-21 09:46:12

DUBAI (Reuters) - A group led by al Qaeda in Iraq said on Wednesday it has decided to kill four Russian hostages after Moscow failed to meet demands to withdraw from Chechnya and free Muslim prisoners, according to an Internet posting. "After granting the Russian government 48 hours to meet our demands and their failure to do so ... the Islamic court of the Mujahideen Shura Council ruled to kill them (hostages)," said the statement posted on a Web site often used by militants. "And...

2006-01-30 12:50:00

DUBAI (Reuters) - An Iraqi militant group called on Monday for attacks against Danish and Norwegian targets over satirical cartoons of Islam's Prophet Mohammad, saying a boycott of goods was not enough, according to an Internet statement. "Boycotting cheese and dairy products alone is a flimsy stance that fits a weak nation that cannot defend its prophet ... They started this and they have to shoulder the responsibilities," said the statement attributed to the Mujahideen Army. It called on...

2005-06-29 21:03:40

By Omar Anwar BAGHDAD (Reuters) - President Bush's vow to Americans tostick with the war in Iraq despite mounting losses won a mixedreception in Baghdad, where Iraqis expressed both resentmentand gratitude on Wednesday. In a half-hour address to U.S. troops, Bush tied Iraq tohis global campaign against anti-American Islamist militants. "Iraq is where they are making their stand. So we willfight them there, we will fight them across the world, and wewill stay in the fight until the fight...

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