Latest Multi-infarct dementia Stories

2011-09-06 11:01:26

Cognitive impairment, even when detected at an early, mild stage, is a significant predictor of decreased life expectancy.

2011-08-03 06:53:38

A new study suggests smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and being overweight in middle age may cause brain shrinkage and lead to cognitive problems up to a decade later.

2011-07-22 06:47:01

New research reveals the same artery-clogging process that causes heart disease -- known as atherosclerosis -- may also contribute to dementia.

2011-07-22 01:48:38

The same artery-clogging process (atherosclerosis) that causes heart disease can also result in age-related vascular cognitive impairments (VCI).

2011-07-19 03:30:00

PARIS, July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- New research reported today in Paris at the Alzheimer's Association® International Conference 2011 (AAIC 2011) offers insight on the global incidence and prevalence of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) - a condition involving problems with memory or another mental function severe enough to be noticeable to the affected person or to others but not serious enough to interfere with daily life.

2011-07-18 00:30:00

- Additional Study Suggests that Former Athletes with Concussions have Increased Risk of Cognitive Impairment, with Earlier Onset - PARIS, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Older veterans who experienced traumatic brain injury showed a more than two-fold increase in the risk of developing dementia, according to new research presented today at the Alzheimer's Association® International Conference 2011 (AAIC 2011) in Paris. Another study reported at AAIC 2011 looked at former American...

2011-07-14 11:19:06

Improving and maintaining health factors not traditionally associated with dementia, such as denture fit, vision and hearing, may lower a person's risk for developing dementia.

2011-07-14 07:15:52

A new study has found that through non-traditional ways of maintaining your overall health, you may lower your risk for developing dementia.

2011-06-20 20:04:33

New research from the University of Leicester demonstrates that general practitioners (GPs) are struggling to correctly identify people in the early stages of dementia resulting in both missed cases (false negatives) and misidentifications (false positives).

2011-05-31 16:14:59

Many patients receive an incorrect dementia diagnosis.

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