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2008-06-17 09:00:54

Re "Lazy Americans" (Sunday Monitor letter, May 18): Yep, it is easy to get disability benefits. It took me only 19 months. Why is this lazy American getting disability? Because of the chemicals in the air and all the poisonous chemicals people wear, such as perfume and scented this and scented that. Women are the worst offenders, but men wear some pretty offensive colognes and aftershaves as well. I am disabled because I have MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Your favorite scent can...

2008-06-14 03:00:27

By Spencer, Taylor R Schur, Paul M Abstract Environmental health professionals frequently come across a health-related problem with no clear cause-and-effect relationship. A typical case occurs when a person complains of experiencing symptoms, often in an indoor setting, that may vary from vague to severe. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) may be a factor at play in some of these situations. The condition is characterized by persistent symptoms that follow exposure to chemically unrelated...

2006-03-28 12:44:27

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Work-related stress, rather than building conditions, may be what's behind the constellation of symptoms known as "sick building syndrome," according to researchers. In a study of more than 4,000 UK government employees, researchers found that high job demands and perceptions of poor support were more closely related to sick-building symptoms than were the physical conditions of the workplace. The findings suggest that "sick building...

2005-10-14 14:33:43

By Will Boggs, MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Mold and dampness can cause coughing and wheezing, but there is little evidence to support the existence of the so-called toxic mold syndrome, according to a report by researchers at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. Toxic mold syndrome -- illnesses caused specifically by exposure to mold -- continues to cause public concern despite a lack of evidence that supports its existence, researchers explain in the September...

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