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Flax yarn from wrappings
2014-08-14 04:47:30

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Mummies have always seemed to be from the distant past, but until now, we really didn't know how far into the past that was. A new study, published in PLOS ONE, demonstrates that Egyptians started mummifying their dead about 1,500 years earlier than previously thought. The findings are based on an 11-year study conducted by an international team of researchers from the University of York, Macquarie University and Oxford University....

2014-07-16 12:37:24

University of Vienna Much of what we know about Oetzi – for example what he looked like or that he suffered from lactose intolerance – stems from a tiny bone sample which allowed the decoding of his genetic make-up. Now, however, the team of scientists have examined more closely the part of the sample consisting of non-human DNA. "What is new is that we did not carry out a directed DNA analysis but rather investigated the whole spectrum of DNA to better understand which organisms are...

2014-07-03 10:10:08

PLOS Analysis of deer hair from Tyrolean Iceman's clothing sheds light on red deer lineage Genetic analysis of Neolithic deer hair from Italian Alps mummy's clothes ties deer population to modern day western European lineage, in contrast to the eastern lineage found in the Italian alps today, according to a study published July 2, 2014 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Cristina Olivieri from University of Camerino, Italy and colleagues. Found in the Italian Alps in 1991,...

Analysis Of Mummy Skull Reveals Murdered Young Female With Chagas Disease
2014-02-27 12:06:36

PLOS Blunt force trauma to the skull of a mummy with signs of Chagas disease may support homicide as cause of death, which is similar to previously described South American mummies, according to a study published February 26, 2014 in PLOS ONE by Stephanie Panzer from Trauma Center Murau, Germany, and colleagues, a study that has been directed by the paleopathologist Andreas Nerlich from Munich University. For over a hundred years, the unidentified mummy has been housed in the Bavarian...

Scientists Find Living Relatives of Ötzi the Iceman
2013-10-13 08:08:50

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online A team of Austrian researchers have made a discovery that would put those genealogy websites to shame: they have located several living descendants of a 5,300-year-old human mummy. The prehistoric individual, known as Ötzi the Iceman, was originally found frozen in the Alps back in 1991, according to Steve Nolan of the Daily Mail. The so-called ice mummy suffered from the oldest case of Lyme disease recorded to date, and was...

Evidence Suggests Incas Drugged Child Sacrifices
2013-08-06 18:32:21

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The Incas were known for a ritual sacrifice called 'capacocha' and a new analysis in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that the young children who gave their lives in this ritual were most likely drugged and drunk around the time of their death. In the study, an international archeology team analyzed the 500-year-old remains of three children who were naturally mummified atop the 20,000-foot-high...

Swedish Museum Exhibit Allows Visitors To Virtually Unwrap Mummies
2013-06-30 08:25:30

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Ever wanted to peel back the layers and see just what a mummy looks like beneath the layers of linen? Starting next year, a museum in Sweden will allow you to do just that -- virtually, that is. The Medelhavsmuseet, a museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities located in Stockholm, is planning to digitize its museum collection in 3D, according to BBC News reports published on Friday. The digitization process will...

2013-05-22 23:16:56

New Hall of Ancient Egypt opening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, May 24 (PRWEB) May 22, 2013 Last year, the Houston Museum of Natural Science opened its world-class Morian Hall of Paleontology, displaying many unique specimens in a space the length of a football field. In addition to creating one of the most dramatic and comprehensive paleontology halls in the world, the expansion plan continues with the opening of a large, 10,000 sq. ft Hall of Ancient Egypt located on the third...

Ötzi Iceman Had Bad Teeth
2013-04-10 10:23:28

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A new study from the University of Zurich's Centre for Evolutionary Medicine reveals that the Neolithic Ötzi iceman mummy had an astounding number of oral diseases and dentition problems that are still widespread today. Ötzi, also known as Ötzi the Iceman and the Man from Hauslabjoch, is a well-preserved mummy from approximately 3,300 BCE that was found in the Austrian-Italian Alps in 1991....

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