Latest Murchison meteorite Stories

2008-06-17 15:00:13

A British-led study has confirmed for the first time that an important component of early genetic material is extraterrestrial in origin.

2008-06-14 08:35:00

Scientists have confirmed for the first time that an important component of early genetic material which has been found in meteorite fragments is extraterrestrial in origin.

2008-04-07 09:35:00

Flash back three or four billion years — Earth is a hot, dry and lifeless place. All is still. Without warning, a meteor slams into the desert plains at over ten thousand miles per hour. With it, this violent collision may have planted the chemical seeds of life on Earth.

2008-03-13 11:20:00

Amino acids that are the building blocks of life have been found in their highest ever concentration in two ancient meteorites which crashed to Earth millions of years ago, scientists claim today.

2008-02-29 11:55:00

An important discovery has been made with respect to the mystery of “handedness” in biomolecules.

2005-09-07 07:30:00

Carl Sagan famously said, "We are made of star-stuff." In the last few years, discoveries have revealed how this star-stuff could have played a role in life's origin. While such findings provide hope that life is widespread in the universe, it also creates a challenge for astrobiologists searching for life on other worlds.

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