Latest Musculoskeletal disorders Stories

2013-03-28 23:00:44

When someone talks about sciatica, a type of back pain that radiates down through the buttocks and legs, they’re describing a set of symptoms, not an actual condition, says Kaixuan Liu MD, PhD,

2013-03-19 14:11:48

Many middle age and older adults have disabling knee pain due to a tear in the meniscus, an important supporting structure in the knee that is often damaged in patients with underlying knee osteoarthritis.

2013-01-08 05:02:03

Christina Khoury, MD, with Valley Orthopedics in Phoenix and Goodyear, outlines three common marathon injuries and different tips runners can follow to avoid them. Phoenix,

2012-12-31 05:02:24

"Osteoarthritis of the knee is now being treated with regenerative medicine at he center for regenerative medicine." according to A.J.

2012-12-30 05:03:44

Atlantic Spine Center in New Jersey announces new web content found at the Atlantic Spine Center website on sciatica; causes, symptoms and new treatments, to help educate people suffering with

2012-08-30 23:01:45

One in ten Americans will suffer from sciatica or similar conditions in their lifetime: Lower back pain affects more than forty million people in the United States alone and is the leading cause

2012-08-30 23:00:35

"Plica of the knee is now being treated with regenerative medicine at the Center for Regenerative Medicine," according to A.J.

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