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2013-04-26 23:02:23

Spectrum Surgical is pleased to offer a large inventory of commonly used surgical instruments available in three different grades for budgeting. Stow, Ohio (PRWEB)

World's Oldest Musical Instruments Discovered
2012-05-27 04:54:32

According to a new paper published in the latest edition of the Journal of Human Evolution, researchers from Germany and the UK claim that they have identified the oldest known musical instruments on Earth.

2011-09-26 07:00:00

To service it's customers in South America as well as other area's of the world, James Instruments Inc.

2011-05-12 13:41:32

Germs survive for several days in wind instruments including the clarinet, flute, and saxophone, according to a pilot study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research.

2009-08-28 10:27:11

Salpinx, barbiton, aulos, syrinx. Never heard them? Never heard of them? Neither had anyone else, for centuries. Until now.

2009-06-24 16:10:00

Archaeologists say a bird-bone flute discovered in a German cave was created 35,000 years ago, making it the oldest handmade musical instrument ever discovered.

2008-07-01 00:14:12

With just one month to go before Bell Gardens High School closed its music program, much to the disappointment of the talented music pupils, Wonder Woman Kimberly Moore stepped in and pulled on the heart strings of her Echelon Club members to donate brand new musical instruments, keeping the school pupil's studies and dreams alive! Kimberly Moore, CEO of The Echelon Club and Founder of the Adopt-A-Letter campaign, was inspired by 16yr-old student, Grissel Luna, who along with her...

2008-03-26 18:00:35

Emotionally compelling, multi-faceted entertainment like Cirque Du Soleil and Blue Man Group have created a worldwide desire for greater and more fascinating musical spectacles, but nothing in the past prepares audiences for the intense magic, beauty and kinetic energy they feel the first time they open their senses to the global phenomenon known as MASS (www.massensemble.com).

2005-07-28 14:12:23

Engineers from the University's Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre (LLEC) employed revolutionary laser technology to engrave authentic designs onto Gulf Shell (mother of pearl) – the original material used to decorate the body of the harp.

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