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2008-10-11 15:00:17

Pirates who have seized a Ukrainian ship and its crew have threatened to blow up the ship, which is laden with weapons, if they are not paid $8 million. "We are ready to blast the ship, the cargo and ourselves if the owners refuse to pay us ransom," a representative of the pirates said. The Faina is loaded with military cargo, including 33 T-72 tanks and other weaponry bound for Kenya. The ship's 17-member crew is being held hostage on the vessel, ITAR-TASS reported Friday. Last week,...

2008-10-11 00:00:15

World in brief NAIROBI A spokesman for the pirates holding an arms-laden tanker off the coast of Somalia has threatened to blow up the ship in three days if no ransom is paid. Sugule Ali says the bandits who have been holding the MV Faina for the past two weeks have decided to blow up the ship, themselves and the crew if they don't get the ransom, set at $20m (12m). They said on Thursday that they were willing to negotiate the ransom amount. (c) 2008 Independent, The; London (UK)....

2008-10-10 21:00:13

MOSCOW. Oct 10 (Interfax) - Somali pirates who hijacked the Faina vessel carrying arms have put forward a new demand, saying that they will negotiate only with the owner of arms rather than the ship. Muhammad, one of the pirates, told the ship owner a day earlier that they are interested in a ransom for arms rather than the ship, because they can see the difference between the price of the ship and its cargo, Maritime Bulletin Sovfracht said in a statement. The ship owner was not allowed...

2008-10-10 18:00:11

SOMALI pirates holding a cargo ship full of battle tanks are trying to negotiate for its release after failing in their demand for pounds 10 million. The bandits who boarded and seized the Faina two weeks ago originally said they would never lower the ransom. But their spokesman said today they were now prepared to hold talks about a deal. (c) 2008 Daily Post; Liverpool. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-10-10 18:00:11

By Salad Duhul MOGADISHU, Somalia - NATO joined a growing international force to protect vessels off Somalia's perilous coast Thursday, sending military ships to the treacherous waters where pirates are negotiating the release of an arms-laden tanker. Pirates have seized more than two dozen ships off Somalia's coast this year but the MV Faina has drawn the most international concern because of its dangerous cargo - 33 tanks and other heavy weapons. Six U.S. warships have surrounded the...

2008-10-09 21:00:19

MOSCOW. Oct 9 (Interfax) - Russian citizens think Somalia cannot solve the problem of piracy on its own and want force to be used to free sailors from captivity, a poll suggests. Eighty-two percent of Russian citizens have heard reports about Somali pirates, according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation in 100 Russian localities on October 4 and 5. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed said Somalia cannot uproot piracy on its own and only 14% have the opposite opinion....

2008-10-06 00:00:30

KUALA LUMPUR: The Somali pirates who hijacked the two MISC tankers in the Gulf of Aden sought the services of an English- speaking schoolteacher to help them with ransom negotiations. The pirates, who spoke no English, took several days to sail the MT Bunga Melati Dua to their hideout. It was the same routine when the pirates, armed with handguns, AK- 47 assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, hijacked a second MISC ship, MT Bunga Melati Lima, 10 days later. After the...

2008-10-05 12:00:08

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- There have been four failed pirate attacks in the last 24 hours off the lawless Somali coast despite the presence of six American warships guarding a hijacked ship full of weapons, a U.S. navy spokeswoman said Saturday. Navy Commander Jane Campbell, from the 5th Fleet in Bahrain, says three attacks were averted because crew members escaped at high speed. Another attack was foiled because the pirates were badly prepared: The ladder they had brought to climb onto...

2008-10-04 00:00:08

By The Associated Press MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - Somali pirates holding a hijacked arms ship said Thursday they will not release it for less than $20 million and warned they will fight back against any commando-style rescue attempts.A half-dozen U.S. navy warships have surrounded the Ukrainian cargo ship MV Faina, which was seized last Thursday off the central coast of Somalia as it transported 33 Soviet-designed tanks and heavy weapons to a Kenyan port."We would never reduce the ransom,"...

2008-10-03 00:00:07

World in brief DEAUVILLE The European Union has agreed to establish an anti- piracy operation off Somalia. The French Defence Minister Herve Morin said at least nine countries had agreed yesterday to take part after Somali pirates seized a Ukrainian ship laden with tanks last week and demanded a $20m (11m) ransom for its release. The announcement came after EU defence ministers met at Deauville, in northern France. "There is very broad European willingness. Many countries want to take...

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