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2009-08-30 07:50:00

According to an announcement made on Saturday, India's Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost all contact with an unmanned, automated spacecraft while attempting its first lunar exploration mission, leading officials to announce later that afternoon that the mission had been aborted. Early Saturday morning, S. Satish, spokesman for the space agency stated that the severed contact was, "a serious problem.  If we do not re-establish contact we will lose the spacecraft." Within a few...

2009-02-23 12:50:00

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) plans to launch two people into space for seven days, the planning commission announced on Friday, marking the approval of the nation's first astronaut launch. "We are planning to put persons in the vehicle and launch them into space for seven days in an orbit of 275 km (172 miles)," said K Radhakrishnan, Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center. The announcement to launch astronauts into space by 2015 comes as China has made great strides in...

2008-11-28 08:15:00

India's first unmanned lunar craft, Chandrayaan 1, is suffering from an internal temperature rise that has Indian scientists searching for ways to cool down the spacecraft. The mission is considered a major step for India to be able to keep pace with other space-faring nations in Asia. The spacecraft sent a probe to the surface of the moon earlier in the month. "Now the moon, our satellite and the sun are in same line this means our craft is receiving 1,200 watts of heat from the moon and...

2008-11-14 13:25:00

India's first unmanned moon mission touched down on the moon on Friday, according to Indian Space Research Organization officials. The Moon Impactor probe detached itself from the Chandrayaan-1 (moon vehicle) about 100 km from the moon's surface and crash-landed on the south pole of the moon at 10:01 a.m. EST, making India the fourth nation to have a presence on the Moon. Miniature Indian flags painted on four sides of the MIP signaled the country's symbolic entry into moon to coincide with...

2008-10-07 10:45:40

India's space program official M. Annadurai told reporters on Tuesday that the only obstacle between the country and its first unmanned mission to the moon would be the weather. "If at all there is any delay, it will be because of the weather, otherwise I don't foresee any technical difficulties," he said. India hopes the unmanned mission will allow them to create a three-dimensional atlas of the moon through high-resolution remote sensing and map the surface's chemical and mineral...

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