Latest Myrmecophyte Stories

Acacia Plants Protected Against Pathogens By Ants
2014-01-16 10:19:05

The biological term “symbiosis” refers to what economists and politicians usually call a win-win situation: a relationship between two partners which is beneficial to both.

2009-11-07 10:51:44

Tree-dwelling ants generally live in harmony with their arboreal hosts. But new research suggests that when they run out of space in their trees of choice, the ants can get destructive to neighboring trees.

2009-04-30 13:24:00

A Harvard University biologist says there are many beneficial relationships between organisms but she has discovered a rather strange ant-plant arrangement. Harvard researcher Megan Frederickson said Myrmecophyte plants often provide home for several species of ants by sheltering them in hollow spaces in its limbs or leaves.

2009-04-29 08:27:05

Nature is full of mutually beneficial arrangements between organisms—like the relationship between flowering plants and their bee pollinators.

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