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Using 3 Or More Embryos Does Not Raise IVF Odds
2012-01-13 06:30:28

A new British study of fertility treatments found that women who receive three or more embryos during in-vitro fertilization treatments have no greater chance of having a baby than those who get just two embryos. The researchers concluded that transferring three or more embryos "should no longer be supported in women of any age". Women undergoing IVF treatment are frequently implanted with three or more embryos to maximize the odds of at least one developing into a healthy baby. ...

2010-09-24 05:00:00

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Lending his help to embattled Octomom Nadya Suleman as she faces foreclosure proceedings on her house, comedian and entertainment personality Tattoo is lending his help to the embattled mom of 14 by hosting the Octomom Yard Sale With Tattoo And The Crew. The live event and online auction is slated for Saturday, September 25 in La Habra, California at Nadya's house from 10am until the babies are asleep. Streamed live on UStream.TV, Tattoo will be...

2009-08-18 14:18:46

A woman in Tunisia is claiming to be pregnant with 12 babies, according to French and British media. Initial reports state that the anonymous woman is said to be ignoring medical advice and will attempt to have all six boys and six girls. She has refused to see a doctor for an ultrasound. A birth of 12 children would set a new world record for multiple births, previously set by Nadya Suleman, of California, who gave birth to eight children just seven months ago. "The woman could have been...

2009-07-27 10:34:46

Nadya Suleman -- the single, unemployed California woman who gave birth to octuplets last January -- has signed up her family to star in a reality TV show. Usmagazine.com said documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week indicate Suleman has signed agreements for each of her 14 children to earn $250 a day for appearing on the series, which is being produced by Eyeworks, the makers of The Biggest Loser and Breaking Bonaduce. The contracts are subject to a judge's approval and...

2009-05-31 14:35:07

The attorney for Nadya Suleman told Us magazine exclusively the so-called Octo Mom has agreed to star in a U.S. reality TV series. USmagazine.com reported Friday that attorney Jeff Czech confirmed his client, a mother of six who gained national fame after giving birth to octuplets in January, agreed to deal for a new TV series with the production company, Eyeworks. (Nadya and the producers) are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children's lives would be filmed in a...

2009-04-10 19:17:10

Nadya Suleman's attorney says the single, unemployed U.S. mother of 14 kids, including newborn octuplets, is close to inking a TV deal. Lawyer Jeff Czech told Usmagazine.com the unlikely celebrity met with four production companies this week about developing a reality show or long-term documentary about her and her family. Nadya has been interested in, and hoping to find, something not so intrusive to the family and babies while, at the same time, (something to) sort of focus on trying to...

2009-04-08 09:15:00

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nadya Suleman's home in La Habra, Calif., should be a scene of chaos, yet when Life & Style arrived on April 4, things were quiet and serene. Nadya seemed less concerned with her appearance than spending time with her kids. "This is who I am," Nadya says. "There are so many lies out there, and they're all just so different from the person I really am." Here, in her first extensive print interview, Nadya finally sets the record straight for...

2009-02-21 08:05:00

Anger over Nadya Suleman and her octuplets has brought scrutiny on U.S. fertility clinics, with many questioning whether they adhere to voluntary guidelines on how many embryos should be used for younger women.  The controversy had even led to talks of passing new laws to regulate these clinics, such as those already in place in Western Europe."Clearly, most programs are not adhering to the guidelines," Dr. Bradley Van Voorhis, director of the fertility clinic at the University of Iowa,...

2009-02-18 11:00:23

The president of the The Learning Channel says Nadya Suleman, the California woman who recently gave birth to octuplets, won't be getting her own TLC show. Suleman, who is single and unemployed, has been criticized for having eight babies through in vitro fertilization when she already has six young children at home and receives food stamps. TLC is not pursuing any program at this time with Nadya Suleman, TLC's Eileen O'Neill told Us Weekly in a statement. We wish the family well. The...

2009-02-11 15:30:00

A fertility doctor is being investigated by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in response to the controversial birth of octuplets to his patient, 33-year-old Nadya Suleman. Last week, the California Medical Board announced it would begin an investigation into the practice of Dr Michael M. Kamrava, who runs the West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills, California. The CMB said it was looking to see whether it can "substantiate a violation of the standard of care" in Suleman's...

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