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2012-06-17 23:01:29

With 15 years´ experience in making nail art products, etnail.com is proud to announce its new nail beauty products electric nail file machine. (PRWEB) June 17, 2012 With 15 years´ experience in making nail art products, etnail.com is proud to announce its new nail beauty products electric nail file machine. More strength and torque add to the appeal of this high quality nail file machine. Along with its vibration-free stainless steel handle, it reduces hand fatigue. With 30,000...

2012-05-28 23:01:30

The Day Spa and Nail Salon Franchises industry, like most of the economy, experienced difficult conditions during the recession. However, industry operators recovered quickly, and revenue has grown consistently since 2009. The expansion of firms' service offerings, combined with growing acceptance of convenience options like online reservations and walk-ins, has allowed the industry to expand rapidly. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has added a report on the Day Spa and...

2012-04-27 23:03:35

The Nail Polish Manufacturing industry in the US has remained resilient over the past five years, despite the economic downturn. Like many other cosmetic products, nail polish provides a small sense of indulgence during times of declining disposable income and tighter purse strings. The low price point for nail polishes has allowed consumers to treat themselves while sticking to their budget. These trends are forecast to continue over the next five years despite issues resulting from many...

'Nontoxic' Nail Polish Contains Toxins, Report Finds
2012-04-11 05:23:38

A Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) report found in California salons that "nontoxic" nail polishes actually have high levels of agents linked to birth defects. The report released on Tuesday found that the mislabeled nail products have the potential to harm thousands of workers in over 48,000 nail salons in California, and their customers. Agency officials said the false claims may be a violation of a state law that requires disclosure of harmful chemicals in consumer...

2012-02-21 08:00:00

Mindy Wright, a lifelong nail biter, releases a brand new tool that is ending nail biting habits permanently. Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) February 21, 2012 RoadFish.com men´s finance and lifestyle magazine discovered a new nail biting cure that was created by, Mindy Wright, a self-proclaimed geek. After years of dealing with a stubborn nail biting addiction, Mindy Wright, decided to create a solution that could help others that want to know how to stop nail biting. Mindy spent...

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2013-03-05 14:40:49

Nails are found on the fingers and toes alike. Formation and Orientation Nails are made of the protein keratin, much like hair as they are related, which is tough and strong and able to protect the ends of the fingers they cover. The nail plate, nail matrix, the nail sinus and the nail bed all make up the nail. The matrix is broken up into two sections; the nonvisible layer is simply referred to as the matrix while the visible part is called the lunula. The matrix is the tissue...

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