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2010-10-12 06:10:00

Researchers said Monday that traces of a previously unknown Bronze Age civilization have been discovered in the peaks of Russia's Caucasus Mountains because of aerial photographs taken 40 years ago.

2005-12-06 20:17:23

By Oliver Bullough NALCHIK, Russia (Reuters) - Timur Mamayev was repeatedly beaten by police, who insulted his religion and harassed his children, his wife says. He appealed for help to the authorities but got no answer.

2005-10-14 08:01:56

By Oleg Shchedrov NALCHIK, Russia (Reuters) - Russia's Vladimir Putin told rebel insurgents on Friday they could expect no mercy in future after his forces said they killed scores of gunmen who launched an audacious raid on a town in the Caucasus.

2005-10-14 05:24:37

By Oleg Shchedrov NALCHIK, Russia (Reuters) - Russian security forces said on Friday they had all but wiped out the remnants of a rebel force that tried to storm a Caucasus town in an attack that raised doubts about the Kremlin's control in the region.

2005-10-14 01:36:09

By Oleg Shchedrov NALCHIK, Russia (Reuters) - Russian security forces said on Friday they had saved a group of hostages and killed their Chechen captors who held them overnight in a town in the Caucasus following a huge rebel raid that killed dozens.

2005-10-13 20:59:07

By Oleg Shchedrov NALCHIK, Russia (Reuters) - Russian security forces were surrounding Chechen fighters holed up with hostages in a town in the Caucasus on Friday, officials said, a day after a brazen rebel raid that killed dozens.

2005-10-13 07:27:32

By Christian Lowe MOSCOW (Reuters) - Chechen fighters launched a huge attack on police and army buildings in a southern Russia town on Thursday in a brazen operation that killed dozens and challenged Kremlin assertions it had the turbulent Caucasus under control.

2005-10-13 04:29:49

By Richard Balmforth MOSCOW (Reuters) - Gunbattles raged in a town in Russia's turbulent Caucasus region on Thursday after about 150 armed men, described as "religious extremists," staged lightning raids in which security forces killed 50 of the attackers.

2005-10-13 03:31:18

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Twenty people believed to be Russian security forces were killed in Thursday's rebel attack on the southern town of Nalchik, Moscow radio quoted a hospital source as saying.

2005-10-13 03:12:44

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Emergency services said there had been "numerous casualties" among local people in the southern Russian town of Nalchik attacked on Thursday by armed insurgents, Itar-Tass news agency reported.

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