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Angolan Slender Mongoose Galerella flavescens
2012-11-01 07:38:15

The Angolan slender mongoose (Galerella flavescens) is native to southern Africa, specifically in Namibia and Angola. It prefers a habitat within arid savannahs in Namibia, preferring areas with little vegetation, but its preferred habitat in Angola is unknown. It is thought that population numbers are high within its range, although little is known about the species’ habits. This species is...

Slender Mongoose Galerella sanguinea
2012-05-30 12:31:26

The slender mongoose (Galerella sanguinea) is also called the black-tailed mongoose or black-tipped mongoose, and can be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa. There are approximately fifty subspecies within this range. They are able to adapt to most habitats within their range, but they prefer savannah and semiarid plains. They rarely occur in deserts or densely forested areas. The slender...

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