Latest Nanotoxicology Stories

2009-08-05 10:05:00

A new study raises the possibility that flies and other insects that encounter nanomaterial "hot spots," or spills, near manufacturing facilities in the future could pick up and transport nanoparticles on their bodies, transferring the particles to other flies or habitats in the environment.

2009-07-28 18:01:00

Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, used in air and water purification and self-cleaning surfaces, cause brain dysfunction in mice, a Japanese study indicated. The findings add to the current concern that this specific nanomaterial may have the potential to affect human health, Tokyo University of Science

2009-07-16 08:59:47

At a technical breakfast, Romain Quidant presented his research into the detection and treatment of cancer using gold nanoparticles illuminated with laser light. Quidant

2009-07-14 09:00:00

Whether in the fields of medicine, sustainable energy supply or environmental protection, without making use of nanotechnology we will not be capable of overcoming the challenges which the future presents.

2009-07-01 16:12:56

Singaporean scientists say they have developed nanoparticles that might lead to new treatments for meningitis, fungal infections and drug-resistant bacteria. Scientists at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology of Singapore said the stable bioengineered peptide nanoparticles effectively seek out and destroy bacteria and fungal cells that could cause fatal infections. The scientists said their nanoparticles contain a membrane-penetrating component that enables them to pass through...

2009-06-20 07:46:56

The recent explosion in the development of nanomaterials with enhanced performance characteristics for use in commercial and medical applications has increased the likelihood of people coming into direct contact with these materials.

2009-06-12 12:45:48

Scientists have now revealed how nanoparticles can cause lung damage. In the same research, they reported successfully being able to block the cancer-causing mechanism.

2009-06-11 07:56:37

Scientists have identified for the first time a mechanism by which nanoparticles cause lung damage and have demonstrated that it can be combated by blocking the process involved, taking a step toward addressing the growing concerns over the safety of nanotechnology.

2009-03-27 09:36:59

Using aquatic microbes as their "canary-in-a-cage," scientists from Ohio today reported that nanoparticles now being added to cosmetics, sunscreens, and hundreds of other personal care products may be harmful to the environment.

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