Latest Naoko Yamazaki Stories

2010-04-10 14:10:00

Moving equipment and supplies brought to the International Space Station by Discovery, preparation for the mission's second spacewalk on Sunday and chats with media representatives and students filled much of the crews' day. The Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo, mounted on the station's Harmony node, was the source of much of the material moved. Major items launched in the module included 16 racks "“ among them four experiment racks. Before the crews' bedtime, they plan to move...

2010-04-03 06:45:00

After NASA's next shuttle launch, space will have the most women it has ever encountered at one time, the Associated Press (AP) reported Friday. One woman is already circling the Earth in a Russian capsule that is heading to the International Space Station (ISS), and after Monday's launch NASA will have three more women orbiting the outpost aboard space shuttle Discovery. NASA is also sending up four men with the space shuttle, so the men will still outnumber the women by more than 2-to-1...

2010-03-27 09:30:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to begin a 13-day flight to the International Space Station with a launch at 6:21 a.m. EDT on April 5 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Discovery's launch date for the STS-131 mission was announced Friday at the conclusion of a flight readiness review at Kennedy. During the meeting, senior NASA and contractor managers assessed the risks associated with the mission and determined the shuttle's equipment, support systems...

2008-12-05 11:40:00

NASA has assigned the crews for space shuttle missions STS-130 and STS-131. The STS-130 mission will deliver a third connecting module to the International Space Station and a seven-windowed cupola to be used as a control room for robotics. The STS-131 mission will deliver research and science experiment equipment, a new sleeping area and supplies to the station in a logistics module carried in the shuttle's payload bay. Marine Col. George Zamka will command the shuttle Endeavour during...

2008-11-11 13:10:00

Japan's space agency announced Tuesday it is set to hit another milestone in sending the country's first astronaut mother into space. Naoko Yamazaki, mother of a 6-year-old girl, will board Atlantis, set to lift off sometime after February 2010 for a two-week flight, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said. Atlantis will carry materials to the International Space Station, officials said. Japanese women are still under-represented in many fields, including business and politics,...

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