Latest narcolepsy Stories

2011-12-06 23:45:00

Central Ohio Sleep Physician Dr. Jim Fulop provides information on sleep texting disorder, especially how it is affecting teens Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) December 06, 2011 OhioHealth Sleep Services physician Dr. Jim Fulop says sleep texting disorder is on the rise in Central Ohio and around the country. âœSleep texting disorder is an increasing problem, especially among teens,â said Dr. Fulop. âœSleep texting is when a person...

2011-11-04 21:40:08

Bright light arouses us. Bright light makes it easier to stay awake. Very bright light not only arouses us but is known to have antidepressant effects. Conversely, dark rooms can make us sleepy. It's the reason some people use masks to make sure light doesn't wake them while they sleep. Now researchers at UCLA have identified the group of neurons that mediates whether light arouses us – or not. Jerome Siegel, a professor of psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human...

2011-10-04 12:11:15

People with narcolepsy are not only excessively sleepy, but they are also prone to gaining weight. In fact, narcoleptic patients will often pack on pounds even as they eat considerably less than your average person. Now researchers reporting in the October issue of Cell Metabolism, a Cell Press publication, appear to have an answer as to why. It seems a deficiency of the neuropeptide hormone orexin, an ingredient that encourages hunger and wakefulness, may leave them with a lack of...

2011-09-08 20:50:09

Narcolepsy is a rare disorder characterized by an excessive urge to sleep at inappropriate times and places. Narcoleptics are also often subject to "cataplexy," a sudden muscle weakness that is triggered by strong emotions. Although most cases of narcolepsy are thought to be caused by complex mechanisms, a small percentage of cases are associated with unidentified inherited mutations. Now, a new study published by Cell Press on September 8th in the American Journal of Human Genetics uncovers...

2011-08-22 20:39:39

A new study says that swine flu infections could trigger a rare sleeping disorder. The new study claims that rates of narcolepsy peak five to seven months after the highest levels of H1N1 infections and colds. The new research goes against some concerns that Pandemrix caused sleeping disorders in children in Finland. Researchers from Stanford medicine school in California said their study suggests that restrictions on the vaccine could actually lead to higher rates of infection....

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