Latest NASA spin-off Stories

2012-05-23 17:13:48

[ Watch the Video ] Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com King of trivia Alex Trebek is featured in a new NASA public service announcement that was released on Wednesday. Trebek says in the announcement that much of the technologies people rely on in our daily lives come from those developed by NASA for space exploration. NASA Chief Technologist Mason Peck announced the new Trebek video during a NASA-Cleveland "Adopt a City" manufacturing initiative event in Cleveland. "It's an honor to...

Webb Telescope Spinoff Technologies Already Seen In Some Industries
2012-04-20 03:38:40

[ Watch the Video ] A critical component of the James Webb Space Telescope is its new technology. Much of the technology for the Webb had to be conceived, designed and built specifically to enable it to see farther back in time. As with many NASA technological advances, some of the innovations are being used to benefit humankind in many other industries. The Webb telescope is the world's next-generation space observatory and successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. The most powerful...

2012-02-07 13:32:34

NASA's Spinoff 2011 publication, now available online, reveals how the space agency's ingenuity and partnerships have saved thousands of lives, generated billions of dollars, and created thousands of American jobs. The latest edition of Spinoff records 44 journeys of NASA's most innovative technologies. It chronicles their origins in NASA missions and programs and their transfer to the public in the form of practical commercial products and benefits to society. "This year's Spinoff...

Norah Jones And 'Arthur Christmas' Promote NASA Spinoff Technology
2011-12-02 10:58:57

[ Watch the Video ] Much of the technology we rely on daily was developed by NASA for space exploration and then adapted or enhanced for use here on Earth. This includes many technologies used in schools, homes, cars, computers and industry. Singer Norah Jones and NASA Astronaut Piers Sellers talk about how some of the agency's outstanding accomplishments in space are used to improve our life on Earth in a new public service announcement available on NASA's website. The duo...

Smithsonian Channel To Air Special 'Arthur Christmas' Segment Featuring NASA Spinoff Technology
2011-11-22 04:38:10

[ Watch the Video ] Have you ever been curious about where all the technology in your school, home, car, computer, or office comes from? You might be surprised that a great percentage of the technology we rely on each day was developed or enhanced by NASA. We all know about NASA's outstanding accomplishments in space, but few of us know just how much the space agency has accomplished right here at home. Except for Arthur. Arthur Christmas, that is. This year in the holiday release of...

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