Latest NASA spin-off Stories

2009-01-27 14:20:00

NASA spinoff technology from the Mars exploration rovers was used to capture a unique panoramic image of President Obama's inaugural address at the US Capitol on Jan. 20.

2008-10-08 15:00:09

To: TECHNOLOGY EDITORS Contact: Sonja Alexander of NASA Headquarters, Washington, +1- 202-358-1761, sonja.r.alexander@nasa.gov WASHINGTON, Oct.

2008-10-08 15:00:09

The 2008 edition of the U.S. space agency's Spinoff publication celebrates NASA's 50th anniversary by highlighting space technology now being used on Earth.

2008-05-28 14:05:00

Some companies are starting to mimic nature to develop high-tech goods. A U.N.-backed report shows that whale hearts hold clues to making pacemakers, and lizard skins are showing how to cut friction in electrical appliances.

2007-10-01 15:28:58

It's no mystery that over the years society has enjoyed amenities and technological advances made by NASA. Often these discoveries find their way into mainstream lifestyles through a process referred to as technology transfer or spinoffs.

2007-08-23 11:25:29

Thanks in part to NASA research, law enforcement now has better "teeth" to take a bite out of crime.

2007-03-27 10:15:00

A simple NASA technology that protected Apollo and Skylab is still coming to the rescue in space and on Earth.

2007-01-30 08:03:28

An anti-icing fluid developed by engineers at NASA's Ames Research Center helps stop ice from ever forming.

2006-04-03 23:29:44

Chuck Leonard gets motion sickness just by sitting in the back seat of a moving car. So the University of Montana researcher is already resigned to the fact that his project with NASA next week is going to end with him being sick.

2006-01-11 07:05:50

There are space invaders in your home, but they're not like creatures from a 1950s science fiction movie. They're products you use often, perhaps without realizing they came from space technology and innovation.

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