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2009-10-09 13:45:44

The National Institute for Computational Sciences' (NICS's) Cray XT5 supercomputer—Kraken—has been upgraded to become the first academic system to surpass a thousand trillion calculations a second, or one petaflop, a landmark achievement that will greatly accelerate science and place Kraken among the top five computers in the world.

2009-10-08 14:26:30

A Japanese research group led by Prof. Makoto Tominaga and Dr. Sravan Mandadi (National Institute for Physiological Sciences: NIPS) found that ATP plays a key role in transmitting temperature information from skin keratinocytes to afferent sensory neurons.

2009-08-21 08:34:12

Japanese research group led by Professor Junichi Nabekura in National Institute for Physiological Sciences, NIPS, Japan, found that, after cerebral stroke in one side of the mouse brain, another side of the brain rewires its neural circuits to recuperate from damaged neural function.

2009-08-07 09:51:13

Japanese research group led by Prof. Makoto Tominaga and Dr. Takaaki Sokabe (National Institute for Physiological Sciences: NIPS), and Prof. Masayuki Takeda, Dr. Isao Araki and Dr. Tsutomu Mochizuki

2009-07-13 10:30:00

In the brain, many types of synaptic proteins are spatio-temporally regulated to maintain synaptic activity at a constant level. Here, the Japanese research group led by Professor Masaki Fukata

2009-07-08 15:30:00

A compound in the soil of Easter Island in the South Pacific significantly extends the lifespan of older mice, researchers at the University of Texas reported on Wednesday.

2009-06-06 06:30:00

Substantial rates of alcohol-related injuries could be curtailed by postponing the start of alcohol consumption.

2009-05-29 15:05:00

UK researchers say that low-dose aspirin should not routinely be used to prevent heart attacks and strokes, contrary to official guidance.

2009-04-22 15:24:13

Experts say that parents are making children suffering from vomiting and diarrhea sicker by giving them flat coke and lemonade.

2009-03-04 09:02:00

AVONDALE, Pa., March 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Stroud(TM) Water Research Center is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. David B. Arscott as its assistant director.

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