Latest National Physical Activity Guidelines Stories

2006-07-21 00:15:00

LONDON -- Children need to do more exercise than recommended in international guidelines to reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, a team of researchers said on Friday. Instead of one hour a day of moderate physical activity, young people may need to do 90 minutes to stave off high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels and other risk factors that can lead to heart problems. "Physical activity levels need to be higher than the current international guidelines of at least...

2005-08-06 15:03:41

DALLAS, Aug. 5 - High levels of physical activity, such as running, swimming or heavy gardening during leisure time can reduce your risk of stroke, according to a study reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. In addition, walking or biking to and from work for up to 29 minutes a day may also reduce the risk of strokes caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke). "People should increase their physical activity during leisure time or commuting to lower the risk of stroke,"...

2005-08-06 10:41:21

Even moderate levels of activity produce results, study finds HealthDay News -- High levels of leisure-time physical activity -- such as swimming, running or heavy gardening -- can cut your stroke risk, the results of a Finnish study suggest. The study of 47,721 Finns, ages 25 to 64, also found that cycling or walking to work each day helps reduce the risk of stroke. Study participants who reported high levels of leisure-time physical activity had a 26 percent lower risk of any kind of stroke...

2004-11-25 03:00:18

The schools, the family, communities, government, states, localities, industry - all have been implicated for the epidemic of obesity in American children and youth today, and all will be important players in any potential solution. So says the new report released by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies (September 30, 2004). While no single intervention or group acting alone is to blame or can stop it, the steps recommended by the committee aim to improve opportunities...

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