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2012-05-22 02:17:12

Discipline-based education research (DBER) has generated insights that could help improve undergraduate education in science and engineering, but these findings have not yet prompted widespread changes in teaching practice, says a new report from the National Research Council.  Science and engineering faculty, institutions, disciplinary societies, and professional societies should all support high-quality DBER and the adoption of the evidence-based teaching strategies that have emerged...

Budget Shortfalls, Launch Delays Could Be Nightmare For Future Of Earth Observation Capabilities
2012-05-03 11:10:51

Weather forecasters rely heavily on satellites orbiting the Earth to track everything from record heat waves to dangerous tornado-producing storms, but it seems they are going to have a much tougher time in the future thanks to a whirlwind of budget shortfalls and launch failures keeping important satellites from flying, according to a new report from the National Research Council (NRC). The number and capability of weather satellites in orbit is steadily declining, and their valuable...

2012-03-29 14:41:51

A proposed study could help determine if there is a link between living near nuclear power plants or other nuclear facilities and having a higher risk of cancer, but challenges and limitations exist, says a new report from the National Research Council, the operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering. The report recommends that a pilot study be completed first to evaluate the feasibility of a full-scale study, although the ultimate decision about...

2012-03-05 23:09:27

Two government-issued studies are unable to demonstrate whether people were harmed by groundwater contaminated with toxic pollutants from Area B of Fort Detrick, Md., says a new report by the National Research Council.  Furthermore, it is unlikely that additional studies could establish a link, because data on early exposures were not collected and cannot be obtained or reliably estimated now, the report notes. The committee that wrote the report was charged with reviewing two...

NASA Receives Advice On 16 Technology Priorities For Future Missions
2012-02-02 05:35:34

NASA received the National Research Council (NRC) report on Wednesday, paving the way for the future road the space agency will travel. NASA provided 14 draft space technology area roadmaps to the NRC a year ago, asking the council to prioritize technologies for the space agency. NRC created 16 top-priority technologies necessary for NASA's future missions, out of its own list of 83 high-priority technologies. The report encourages NASA to test-fly technologies that are close to...

2012-01-27 14:18:39

The National Research Council said on Wednesday that in order to study the potential health hazards of nanotechnology, researchers will need to drum up an additional $24 million a year. The research council said in a study that a new federal oversight agency is also required to integrate research by private business, universities and international groups. Nanotechnology is being used in a fast-growing variety of consumer products, and involves designing and manufacturing materials on a...

2012-01-25 14:32:51

Cohesive Research Plan Needed to Help Avoid Potential Risks From Rapidly Evolving Technology Despite extensive investment in nanotechnology and increasing commercialization over the last decade, insufficient understanding remains about the environmental, health, and safety aspects of nanomaterials.  Without a coordinated research plan to help guide efforts to manage and avoid potential risks, the future of safe and sustainable nanotechnology is uncertain, says a new report from the...

You May Be Drinking Wastewater Without Knowing It
2012-01-13 13:06:41

According to a report by the National Research Council (NRC), more Americans are drinking recycled wastewater, whether they are aware of it or not. The report said that treated wastewater poses no greater health risks than existing water supplies and in some instances may be even safer to drink. Jorg Drewes, an engineering professor at the Colorado School of Mines who contributed to the report, said it is a waste not to reuse the nation's wastewater since almost all of it is treated...

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