Latest National Security Agency Stories

NSA Backlash Makes Foreign Companies Wary Of US Cloud Data Services
2014-01-11 04:43:16

At least a quarter of Canadian and UK businesses are looking outside of US borders for data storage, according to a survey conducted by Vancouver, British Columbia-based web hosting service PEER 1.

Security Firms Backing Out Of RSA Conference Over NSA Controversy
2014-01-09 13:51:05

Following last month’s news that security firm RSA had worked with the National Security Agency to provide a digital backdoor in its encryption technology, eight computer security research firms have announced that they will not attend a security conference sponsored by RSA.

NSA Builds Encryption Busting Super Computer
2014-01-03 11:20:30

On Thursday The Washington Post reported that the NSA is developing a computer that could break into nearly every type of encryption that currently exists.

Clemency For Edward Snowden
2014-01-02 11:10:23

On New Year’s Day, The New York Times and The Guardian newspapers called on US President Barack Obama to issue clemency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

NSA May Be Spying On Your Smartphone
2014-01-01 04:47:20

What is the latest weapon in the National Security Agency’s surveillance arsenal? Chances are, you have one, it fits in the palm of your hand and you may even be using it right now.

NSA Intercepting Computer Deliveries, Implanting Spyware: Report
2013-12-30 12:27:43

According to a report Sunday from the German publication Der Spiegel, a special hacking unit from the US National Security Agency (NSA), intercepts deliveries of new computer equipment and plants spyware.

Judge Rules NSA Phone Data Collection Legal
2013-12-27 15:33:45

On Friday, a federal judge ruled the National Security Agency’s mass collection of telephone data is legal.

Former NSA Employee Edward Snowden Says Mission Is Accomplished
2013-12-24 11:20:08

National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor who exposed extensive details of global electronic surveillance, said on Tuesday his “mission’s already accomplished.”

RSA Claims It Din Not Create Secret Backdoor For NSA Spying
2013-12-23 10:44:05

Security firm RSA, a division of EMC, denied on Sunday that it had deliberately provided the NSA with a backdoor into some of its popular encryption libraries, following a previous revelation that it accepted $10 million from the NSA to give it access to its encryption software.

NSA Paid For Back Door Access Into RSA Encryption Software
2013-12-21 06:08:20

The latest documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden claim the US National Security Agency paid a computer security firm $10 million in order to create a secret back door into encryption software.

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