Latest National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Stories

2010-06-27 07:15:00

With identity theft, bank account breaches and sophisticated Internet scams on the rise, the US government is looking for ways to make transactions over the Internet more secure for both businesses and consumers. However, officials must act carefully, as efforts to create personal identity cards and other means of identifiers raise concerns over privacy invasion and fears of Big Brother tracking its citizens. The White House laid out a draft plan on Friday arguing for a voluntary...

2010-02-08 08:15:00

According to the White House's top counter-terrorism advisor on Sunday, the United States faces "serious and significant" cyberspace threats which may affect national security. The advisor, John Brennan, told NBC that a cyber-security board has been set up at the White House to work on the matters of cyber crime. "It's a very complex and complicated challenge, but we are working very closely with the private sector." The issues stem back to accusations Google made over China's apparent...

2009-05-29 11:35:00

WASHINGTON, May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The White House today released the Cyberspace Policy Review, summarizing the findings of input from industry, academia, liberty and privacy communities, state governments, international partners, and the legislative and executive branches. The following statement should be attributed to Peter Davidson, Verizon senior vice president of federal government relations: "The White House Cyberspace Policy Review outlines the way to strengthen the digital...

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