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2008-09-23 06:00:19

Text of report in English by official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency) [Xinhua: "Myanmar Takes Measures for Wildlife Conservation"] Yangon [Rangoon], Sept. 23 (Xinhua) - Myanmar [Burma] has taken measures for wildlife conservation by restricting the catching of elephant in the country's Bago Yoma mountain range where most of the animal take sanctuary, the local Weekly Eleven journal reported Tuesday. In order to prevent elephant from extinction in the country, the...

2008-09-10 10:43:20

Using remote camera traps to lift the veil on Myanmar's dense northern wild lands, researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have painstakingly gathered a bank of valuable data on the country's populations of tigers and other smaller, lesser known carnivores (see photo attachments). These findings will help in the formulation of conservation strategies for the country's wildlife. Using camera traps survey techniques, researchers from WCS's Myanmar Program have combed the...

2008-08-13 15:00:17

By Dr Amerjit Singh THE Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) appreciates the issues highlighted by S.M. Idris of Sahabat Alam Malaysia ("Enough of this mutilation", - NST, July 30). The practice of declawing or removal of canine teeth of tigers for any other reasons except as a treatment regime is unacceptable. Perhilitan will investigate this complaint and advise the management not to practise the declawing and removal of canine teeth of tigers and other big...

2008-08-01 00:01:16

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CANEY, Kan. - Oh, my! Three tiger cubs at a Kansas zoo are getting some maternal care from an unlikely source - Isabella the golden retriever. The tiger cubs were born Sunday at Safari Zoological Park but their mother soon stopped caring for them. Isabella had just weaned her own puppies and was able to step in. Zoo owner Tom Harvey says, "The timing couldn't have been any better." He says it's unusual for dogs to care for tiger cubs, but it does happen....

2008-07-07 06:00:16

By Brandon Stahl, Duluth News-Tribune, Minn. Jul. 7--People hoping to catch a glimpse of the newest residents of the Lake Superior Zoo on Sunday may have been slightly disappointed. The three lion cubs did what just about everyone else did during what was the hottest day of the year -- hide in the shade. Still, some patrons who went behind a wooden fence to get a better view of the enclosure saw the cubs -- two females and a male, all siblings -- peering back at them out of a small cave...

2008-07-02 16:05:00

Illegal wildlife trade decimates tigers in Nepal's wildlife reserve WASHINGTON D.C. -- World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is alarmed by the dramatic decline of at least 30 percent in the Bengal tiger population of Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal, once a refuge that boasted among the highest densities of the endangered species in the Eastern Himalayas. The recent survey of April 2008 showed a population of between 6-14 tigers, down from 20-50 tigers in 2005. The Government of Nepal made a...

2008-06-10 15:45:00

Researchers from the Environmental Investigation Agency reported that Illegal "tiger bone wine" is still being made and sold by some animal parks in China.Campaigners say staff at two parks offered to sell them the drink"”made from tiger carcasses soaked in rice wine.The tigers are an endangered species and trading of their parts has been subject to an international ban since 1987 and has been outlawed in China since 1989.The tiger's numbers are dwindling despite global conservation...

2008-06-10 12:55:00

The World Bank is getting a boost from Hollywood for its new global initiative to save the world's tigers from extinction. Celebrities, including long-time environmental activist Harrison Ford, Robert Duvall and Bo Derek, have all thrown their support behind the new campaign, which brings together scientists, wildlife experts and governments to stop the illegal trading of tiger skins, meat and body parts used in traditional Asian medicines.Although the agency's main mission is to fight...

2008-03-05 00:00:00

In an effort to save endangered tigers, India announced on Friday that it intends to spend $13 million to "raise, arm and deploy" a Tiger Protection Force. Finance Minister P. Chidambaram's announcement comes just weeks after a $153 million program was proposed to create new tiger reserves. India's Tiger Project said that recent calculations found that the wild tiger population has dropped from 3,600 five years ago to about 1,411. "The number 1,411 should ring the alarm bells," Chidambaram...

2008-02-13 12:30:00

The Wildlife Conservation Society and the Panthera Foundation announced plans to establish a 5,000 mile-long "genetic corridor" from Bhutan to Burma that would allow tiger populations to roam freely across landscapes. The corridor, first announced at the United Nations on January 30th, would span eight countries and represent the largest block of tiger habitat left on earth. Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, director of Science and Exploration Programs at the Wildlife Conservation Society, said that...

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2007-12-14 05:21:54

The Bengal is a hybrid breed of cat bred to have the markings of a wildcat but the temperament of a housecat. The Bengal is reminiscent of and named after the Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis); the Bengal Tiger species is completely unrelated. It is a medium sized cat weighing around 8-10 lb for females and 15 lb for males. They are a hybrid breed developed through a program of crossbreeding domestic cats with Asian Leopard Cats over several generations. The first three...

2007-01-19 19:10:49

The liger, is a hybrid cross between a male panthera leo (lion), and a female panthera tigris (Tiger) and is denoted scientifically as panthera leo x panthera tigris. A liger resembles a giant lion with diffused stripes. They are the largest cats in the world, although the Siberian Tiger is the largest pure breed. Like tigers, ligers enjoy swimming. The offspring of a male tiger and a female lion is called a tigon. Under exceptional circumstances it has been known for a tiger to be forced...

2007-01-19 15:00:55

The amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is a rare subspecies of tiger (P. tigris). Also known as the Siberian, Korean, Manchurian, or North China Tiger, it is the largest natural animal in the feline family Felidae. The amur tiger is critically endangered. In the early 1900s, it lived throughout the Korean Peninsula, northeastern Mongolia, southeastern Russia, and northeastern China. Today, it has virtually disappeared from South Korea and is largely confined to a very small part of...

2007-01-19 14:51:36

The Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The wild population is estimated at between 400 and 500 animals, occurring predominantly in the island's national parks. Recent genetic testing has revealed the presence of unique genetic markers. They indicate that it may develop into a separate species, if it is not made extinct. This has led to suggestions that the Sumatran Tiger should have greater priority for conservation than any other...

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