Latest Natural disaster Stories

2011-08-12 00:00:02

Disaster.net recently launched a unique website designed to help citizens, journalists and governments monitor and prepare for natural disasters that occur worldwide. Phnom Penh, Cambodia (PRWEB) August 11, 2011 Disaster.net recently launched a unique website designed to help citizens, journalists and governments monitor and prepare for natural disasters that occur worldwide. The new website spotlights different disasters, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, nuclear, solar storms,...

2011-06-03 13:13:35

When earthquake, tsunami, tornado or flood strike, among the most vulnerable group are the elderly. Writing in the International Journal of Emergency Management, researchers in New Zealand suggest that emergency response plans must take into account the age-related needs of adults with regards to the personal and social resources they have available. Robyn Tuohy and Christine Stephens of Massey University in Palmerston North, point out that elderly citizens are likely to experience the...

2011-03-12 00:00:28

Information on Japan's March 11 Natural Disaster Updated Regularly on Trusted Reference Site Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 11, 2011 As people around the world focus on the aftermath of the enormous earthquake and deadly tsunami that hit Japan today, they can turn to the trusted reference website Infoplease for details about this natural disaster, what causes these types of events and the repercussions for other countries. The site has launched a special page, "Tsunami in Japan 2011: Waves...

2011-01-25 07:31:01

A United Nations-backed research report showed Monday that 2010 was among the worst years on record for natural disasters over the past 20 years, leaving upwards of 300,000 people dead, and countless more injured and/or displaced. Nearly two-thirds of the total death toll, came from the devastating Haiti earthquake a year ago, that claimed the lives of more than 222,500 people, according to the Belgium-based Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED). Last summer's heatwave...

2011-01-03 13:00:44

The world's top insurance agency said on Monday that the earthquake in Haiti and floods in Pakistan and China helped make 2010 an exceptional year for natural disasters, killing 295,000 and costing $130 billion. "The high number of weather-related natural catastrophes and record temperatures both globally and in different regions of the world provide further indications of advancing climate change," according to a statement by Munich Re. Spokesman Gerd Henghuber told AFP that the last time...

2010-02-01 14:01:47

Amid all the commentary focused on the historic tragedy in Haiti, a tough but important fact has gone virtually unmentioned, according to a nationally recognized expert on disasters at the University of Colorado at Boulder. "What is missing from the tragedy of disaster, and our response to it, is the recognition that disasters are preventable, that it is within the power of societies and communities to prevent or at least minimize the devastation disasters cause," said Kathleen Tierney,...

2009-10-19 14:13:51

Another way to save lives in the Pacific Northwest Some time soon, a powerful earthquake will trigger a massive tsunami that will flood the Pacific Northwest, destroying homes and threatening the lives of tens of thousands of people, says Yumei Wang, a geotechnical engineer at the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries in Portland. The region's geology makes an earthquake-triggered tsunami inevitable and imminent in geologic time, Wang says, yet coastal towns and cities in the...

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