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2010-05-07 02:00:00

NEW YORK, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Some men are lucky at love... and some are not.

2009-02-25 05:00:00

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Jason Speer, Vice President and General Manager, Quality Float Works, Inc. has been tapped to testify before the U.S.

2008-10-30 09:00:25

Tempelhof, once Europe's largest airport and a central player in Berlin's history, ushers its final takeoff into the sky Thursday, officials say. Its future is uncertain.

2008-10-10 06:00:22

By Liza Foreman Finding a commercial or cultural use for quirky properties abandoned after reunification has long been a feature of the German capital. Think of the East German post office, in use as a museum, or the Wertheim department store, which became the techno club Tresor.

2008-10-07 03:00:16

By Cleveland-Peck, Patricia Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits Tempelhof which is about to close for ever as an airport. Templehof will reach the end of its life as an airport by November.

2008-07-20 03:00:35

By Tang, David Albert Speer was commissioned by the Chinese government to lay out a masterplan for the access to the Olympic Green in Beijing. His design consisted of one impressive avenue connecting the Forbidden City and the National Stadium in which the opening ceremony will take place.

2007-10-15 21:00:03

By RON HARRIS SAN FRANCISCO - Days after the end of World War II, an American soldier entering the wreckage of Adolf Hitler's mountain stronghold found that fierce Allied bombing had left the "Eagle's Nest" in ruins.

2006-08-08 07:34:34

By Louis Charbonneau SCHWERIN, Germany (Reuters) - A naked man with the body of a Greek god, a textbook Aryan face and the haircut of a Nazi foot soldier. A muscular warrior brandishing a massive stone as he prepares for an act of vengeance.

2006-08-07 07:10:00

But in Berlin, a city where space is plentiful and property cheap by European standards, the huge Tempelhof airport with its imposing terminal threatens to pose a problem for city authorities when it is closed to air traffic next year.

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