Latest Negative refraction Stories

2009-08-13 10:03:30

Chinese physicists may not yet be able to move between parallel universes or become invisible, but they've created the first tunable electromagnetic gateway. Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Fudan University in Shanghai said their concept of a gateway that can block electromagnetic waves, but that allows the passage of other entities resembles hidden portals or invisibility cloaks mentioned in works of science fiction or fantasy, such as the Harry Potter...

2009-07-21 08:23:15

Even Albert Einstein might have been impressed. His theory of general relativity, which describes how the gravity of a massive object, such as a star, can curve space and time, has been successfully used to predict such astronomical observations as the bending of starlight by the sun, small shifts in the orbit of the planet Mercury and the phenomenon known as gravitational lensing. Now, however, it may soon be possible to study the effects of general relativity in bench-top laboratory...

2008-08-11 09:05:00

Two recently designed 3-D materials are opening new possibilities for scientists looking to develop an invisibility cloak. The so-called metamaterials are artificially engineered structures that have properties not seen in nature. The materials were developed by two separate teams under the direction of Xiang Zhang of Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at the University of California, Berkeley with U.S. government funding. These metamaterials work to bend light in the wrong direction....

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