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2009-01-05 09:10:00

Researchers from Duke University Medical Center have identified a variation in a particular gene that increases susceptibility to early coronary artery disease. For years, scientists have known that the devastating, early-onset form of the disease was inherited, but they knew little about the gene(s) responsible until now. The results are published January 2 in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics. In a previous study, a region on chromosome 7 was linked to coronary artery disease (CAD)....

2008-12-17 21:57:56

For those who want to lose weight, aerobic exercise is better at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic exercise, British researchers have found. David J. Stensel of Loughborough University in England and colleagues said a vigorous 60-minute workout on a treadmill affects the release of two key appetite hormones, ghrelin and peptide YY, while 90 minutes of weight lifting only affects the level of ghrelin. The researchers said ghrelin is the only hormone known to stimulate appetite, while...

2008-12-12 10:29:44

A team of scientists from the University of Cambridge and the University of Cukurova in Turkey have taken a major step to understanding how the brain controls the onset of puberty. The research, published in this week's Nature Genetics, identified the hormone Neurokinin B as a critical part of the control system that switches on the master regulator of human puberty. Although Neurokinin B was previously known to be present in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls puberty, its...

2008-12-11 12:02:45

A vigorous 60-minute workout on a treadmill affects the release of two key appetite hormones, ghrelin and peptide YY, while 90 minutes of weight lifting affects the level of only ghrelin, according to a new study. Taken together, the research shows that aerobic exercise is better at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic exercise and provides a possible explanation for how that happens. This line of research may eventually lead to more effective ways to use exercise to help control weight,...

2008-11-25 13:01:37

Once hailed as a miracle weight-loss drug, Fen-phen was removed from the market more than a decade ago for inducing life-threatening side effects, including heart valve lesions. Scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center are trying to understand how Fen-phen behaves in the brain in order to develop safer anti-obesity drugs with fewer side effects.  In a study appearing in the Nov. 25 issue of Neuron, the researchers define a circuit in the brain that explains the ways fenfluramine, a...

2008-11-25 09:37:36

Researchers have uncovered information that may lead to a new medical treatment for nicotine addiction. Cigarette smoking is one of the most widespread preventable causes of death and disease in developed countries. Annually, the habit is responsible for about 440,000 deaths and $160 billion in annual health-related costs nationwide. The neuropeptide hypocretin-1 (Orexin A) may start a series of reactions in the body that maintains tobacco addiction in smokers. Targeting the chemical could...

2008-11-04 12:00:26

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, November 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Debiopharm Group (Debiopharm), a global biopharmaceutical development specialist that focuses on serious medical conditions and particularly oncology, announced today that Debiovision Inc., its Canadian affiliate, filed its Complete Response to the approvable letter received from the United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Sanvar(R), or Debio 8609 (vapreotide acetate). The immediate release formulation of Sanvar(R), a...

2008-10-07 00:00:34

By Sharon Jayson A new study from researchers in Utah finds that a warm touch -- the non-sexual, supportive kind -- tempers stress and blood pressure, adding to a growing body of research on how emotions affect health. The study of 34 young married couples ages 20 to 39 conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University in Provo and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City found that massage and other supportive and caring touch lowers stress hormones and blood pressure, particularly...

2008-09-16 13:35:00

A varicose vein treatment successfully suppressed levels of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, in pigs researchers reported on Tuesday. In the minimally invasive procedure, researchers injected the chemical into blood vessels to cut off production of ghrelin. The ten pigs who underwent the procedure ate less, and tests showed their bodies were producing as much as 60 percent less ghrelin. "With gastric artery chemical embolization, called GACE, there's no major surgery," says Aravind...

2008-09-03 13:35:00

Researchers say a small protein molecule in the brain plays a crucial ovulation-triggering role, a finding that could hold the key to new therapies for infertility. The protein, called kisspeptin, is known to play a vital role in kick-starting puberty. Now, the first evidence that kisspeptin signaling in the brain is also essential for ovulation to occur in adults has been published by a group from the University of Otago led by Professor Allan Herbison, in collaboration with Cambridge...

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2011-04-28 17:02:45

Labor Induction is a process of giving an artificial start to birth with medical intervention or other methods. When an induction is not performed for emergency or other medical reasons, the method is considered an elective process. The decision to induce labor has increased in recent years due to its convenience or because it easily accommodates busy schedules. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, say that labor should only be induced when it is more risky...

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