Latest Neuroscience and intelligence Stories

Imaging Neural Pathways In Brain Show Intelligence Levels
2012-08-02 12:51:02

The brain is an intricate part of the body to say the least. New research has focused on the affect of neural connectivity on intelligence. A new study found that brain imaging could estimate a person’s intelligence.

2012-02-02 07:44:24

Over the first few years of life, human cognition continues to develop, soaking up information and experiences from the environment and far surpassing the abilities of even our nearest primate relatives.

2011-12-07 10:39:23

How the human brain and human cognitive abilities evolved in less than six million years has long puzzled scientists.

IQ Can Change Significantly During Teen Years
2011-10-20 09:12:11

New research funded by the Wellcome Trust suggests that IQ scores in teenagers can dramatically change in conjunction with changes that occur in the brain.

2011-10-20 08:10:17

Can human brain be “plastic”? According to the research funded by the Welcome Trust it can. Apparently, IQ, the standard measure of intelligence, can increase or fall significantly during teenage years.

Researchers Find First Human From Primate Gene Split In Brain
2011-10-19 12:37:59

A new analysis has found that the first genes which appeared after the primate branch split are more likely to be expressed in the developing human brain.

2011-10-13 09:36:51

New research suggests the growth rate of the brain's cerebral cortex in babies born prematurely may predict how well they are able to think, speak, plan and pay attention later in childhood.

2011-10-13 05:32:04

The bigger the better! New research shows that may be true when dealing with the brains of premature babies.

2011-09-19 18:49:43

Call a bird "birdbrained" and they may call "fowl."

2011-03-03 12:41:48

How well our brain functions is largely based on our family’s genetic makeup, according to a University of Melbourne led study.