Latest Neutralizing antibody Stories

2010-09-30 14:40:27

New discoveries about the immune defenses of rare HIV patients who produce antibodies that prevent infection suggest a novel direction for designing new vaccines.

2010-09-29 09:17:49

What if there was a vaccine that could be administered to everyone to stop the spread of HIV?

2010-08-02 20:53:02

Monkeys repeatedly immunized with a particular form the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein generated antibodies capable of neutralizing diverse strains of HIV-1.

2010-07-09 10:53:44

Discovery to advance HIV vaccine design, antibody therapy for other diseases.

2010-06-02 13:43:02

The findings advance the effort to develop an AIDS vaccine.

2009-12-15 23:38:21

Scientists seeking to understand how to make an AIDS vaccine have found the cause of a major roadblock.

2009-11-20 12:43:27

New discoveries about anti-HIV antibodies may bring researchers a step closer to creating an effective HIV vaccine.

2009-11-09 15:32:16

A very close and detailed study of how the most robust antibodies work to block the HIV virus as it seeks entry into healthy cells has revealed a new direction for researchers hoping to design an effective vaccine.

2009-09-21 14:37:38

Scientists working to develop a vaccine for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) report they have created the first antigen that induces protective antibodies capable of blocking infection of human cells by genetically-diverse strains of HIV.

2009-09-19 10:20:52

A study of how HIV mutates in response to immune system pressure by Emory Vaccine Center researchers shows that the virus can take several escape routes, not one preferred route.

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