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2010-09-08 13:49:00

HIV-infected children in South Africa who were exposed to the drug nevirapine at birth (used to help prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission) and then received a protease inhibitor (PI) for viral suppression achieved lower rates of viremia (virus in the blood stream) if they were switched to nevirapine, compared to children who continued on the PI-based regimen.

2010-07-22 08:02:00

RIDGEFIELD, Conn., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- New data were presented today at the 18th International AIDS Conference from the VERxVE study that show an investigational, once-daily extended-release (400 mg QD) formulation of nevirapine was non-inferior to twice-daily immediate release Viramune® (nevirapine) tablets (200 mg BID), both in combination with Truvada® (tenofovir and emtricitabine) tablets in treatment-naive HIV-1 infected patients through 48 weeks.

2010-06-17 12:48:46

The largest study to date to examine methods to prevent HIV infection among breastfeeding infants concludes that giving antiretroviral drugs to HIV-infected breastfeeding mothers in sub-Saharan Africa or giving an HIV-fighting syrup to their babies are both effective.

2010-06-17 12:42:54

Findings in Botswana study suggest women taking antiretroviral drug combinations can breastfeed safely.

2010-05-14 11:16:29

By using medications packaged just like fast-food ketchup, HIV-positive mothers in developing countries can more easily provide protection to newborn babies born at home.

2010-02-26 10:00:27

Women given the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention drug nevirapine to protect their fetus should not use an HIV-drug regimen that contains nevirapine for at least one year after childbirth, say researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

2010-02-16 09:10:28

A new international study reported in PLoS Medicine confirms that a single dose of nevirapine (sdNVP) can lead to HIV treatment failure in women who receive the drug to prevent transmission of the AIDS virus to their infants.

2010-01-11 16:43:17

Chemists at UC San Diego and statisticians at Harvard University have developed a novel way to trace mutations in HIV that lead to drug resistance.

2009-10-27 12:08:39

In a clinical trial investigating mother-to-child HIV transmission in South Africa published this week in PLoS Medicine, Neil Martinson (of the Perinatal HIV Research Unit, Soweto, South Africa) and colleagues find that adding two other antiretroviral drugs to single dose nevirapine – an antiretroviral drug given to women and newborn children during labor and delivery to prevent transmission – is effective in reducing the drug resistance that nevirapine causes when used by itself.

2009-10-16 13:50:32

Mothers receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to treat HIV-1 infection are less likely than untreated mothers to transmit the virus to their newborns through breastfeeding, according to a new study.

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