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2013-02-08 11:48:41

A proof-of-concept device that could pave the way for on-chip optical quantum networks has been created by a group of researchers from the US.

2012-08-04 02:21:22

Single particles of light, also known as photons, have been produced and implemented into a quantum key distribution (QKD) link, paving the way for unbreakable communication networks.

2012-05-25 10:43:09

Many people anticipating the creation of an invisibility cloak might be surprised to learn that a group of American researchers has created 25 000 individual cloaks.

2012-03-21 14:36:40

The behavior of some of the most elusive particles in the known universe can be simulated using three atoms in a lab.

Researchers Bend Radio Waves Into Pasta Shapes
2012-03-02 13:36:50

Researchers have solved the problem of radio congestion by twisting radio waves into the shape of fusilli pasta.

2011-12-02 12:59:09

Scientists and engineers have proven the worth of quantum cryptography in telecommunication networks by demonstrating its long-term effectiveness in a real-time network.

2011-07-28 12:32:54

The most common surname in Korea – Kim – has been traced back 1500 years using a statistical model, providing evidence of a strong, stable culture that has remained intact to this day.

2011-07-17 07:36:15

Social studies of Facebook and Twitter have been adapted to gain a greater understanding of the swarming behavior of locusts.

2011-07-14 13:13:41

Until recently, migration patterns, such as those adopted by birds all across the Amazonian rainforest, have not been thought to play an important role in the spreading of beneficial genes through a population.

2011-05-19 11:33:26

The ability to image single biological molecules in a living cell is something that has long eluded researchers; however, a novel technique, using the structure of diamond, may well be able to do this and potentially provide a tool for diagnosing, and eventually developing a treatment for, hard-to-cure diseases such as cancer.

Latest New Journal of Physics Reference Libraries

2012-05-08 14:46:52

Physics-Uspekhi (Advances in Physical Sciences) is a scientific journal established in 1918 in Russia. The English version of the journal has been in publication since 1958. The journal’s founder, Eduard Shpolsky, was editor-in-chief from 1918 until his death in 1975. The journal covers all topics of modern physics. It publishes long review papers which are supposed to generalize and summarize previously published results, making them easier to use and to understand. Nobel prize...

New Journal of Physics
2012-04-30 15:04:13

New Journal of Physics is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal of physics. The journal was established in 1998, and is a joint publication of the Institute of Physics and the German Geophysical Society. The editor-in-chief is Eberhard Bodenshatz of Max-Planck-Institut & Cornell University. The journal covers physics in general, as well as interdisciplinary topics where physics forms the central theme. It is indexed in the following databases: Astrophysics Data System, Chemical...

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