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Latest New Mexico State University Stories

2007-05-09 09:00:00

BERKELEY -- Combining diamond anvils and powerful lasers, laboratory researchers have developed a technique that should be able to squeeze materials to pressures 100 to 1,000 times greater than possible today, reproducing conditions expected in the cores of supergiant planets. Until now, these pressures have only been available experimentally next to underground nuclear explosions. "This lets us explore a new regime of chemistry and reproduce the conditions of more extreme planets," said...

2005-10-07 13:50:00

SANTA FE -- Imagine being able to paint your roof with enough alternative energy to heat and cool your home. What if soldiers in the field could carry an energy source in a roll of plastic wrap in their backpacks? Those ideas sound like science fiction þu particularly in the wake of the rising costs of fossil fuel. But both are on the way to becoming reality because of a breakthrough in solar research by a team of scientists from New Mexico State University and Wake...

2005-08-25 16:50:04

PALESTINE, Texas (AP) -- The name of NASA's balloon research facility now honors space shuttle Columbia's seven astronauts, who died when their spacecraft disintegrated over east Texas in 2003, the agency announced Thursday. The National Scientific Balloon Facility now is the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility. Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, proposed the change in April. He said it would help commemorate what Columbia's crew stood for: "Honor, bravery and the quest for knowledge for...