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2008-06-28 18:02:27

Nepalese government officials were unable to reach an agreement Saturday with the Nepal Petroleum Dealers Association, news media says. The Web site eKantiput reported the two sides failed to break through the impasse regarding an ongoing dispute over the irregular supply of petroleum products.

2008-06-14 06:00:15

Text of report by Nepalese eKantipur.com website on 14 June Kathmandu, 14 June [Saturday]: Senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidya on Friday said the Maoist party is against both the current "liberal" model of media as well as the communist model, and wants to develop a third model - probably a mixed version of communist and democratic models.

2006-09-05 03:58:38

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Hundreds of people protested in the Nepali capital for the second straight day on Tuesday demanding information about friends and relatives they say disappeared during a decade-old fight against Maoist rebels.

2006-08-20 02:53:43

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Dozens of Nepali women stripped naked and plowed their fields in west Nepal, hoping to appease the gods and get some much needed rain, a newspaper report said on Sunday.

2006-08-05 02:05:19

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Land owned by Nepal's King Gyanendra may be confiscated and handed to poor farmers, a minister said on Saturday, in the latest move to remove the monarch's privileges after street protest forced him from power.

2006-07-27 07:39:56

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal's Maoist rebels say they will extend a three-month-old ceasefire with the government that is due to end this week, but accused the ruling coalition of failing to push the pace of peace talks.

2006-07-11 00:39:10

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal's Maoists have revealed for the first time how many soldiers they have -- 36,000 -- in remarks published on Tuesday, a week after Kathmandu invited the United Nations to monitor arms of insurgents and the state army.

2006-05-31 00:20:06

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal's parliament is expected to consider stripping the king of his remaining parliamentary roles, a lawmaker said on Wednesday, after voting to withdraw most of his powers earlier this month.

2006-05-18 06:06:01

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal's reinstated parliament on Thursday unanimously approved a sweeping plan to curtail the powers of the king and take away his control over the army. The landmark resolution was approved by a verbal vote by deputies in the 205-member house.

2006-05-18 04:55:31

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepali Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Thursday presented in parliament a landmark resolution that aims to drastically curtail the powers of the king and take away control of the army from him.

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