Latest Newcastle University Stories

2008-07-28 18:15:00

Newcastle researchers have discovered walking 45 minutes a day can help control the most severe form of diabetes.

2008-07-25 18:00:56

NEWCASTLE'S Centre for Life is offering a behind-the-scenes look at the world of modern medicine. Called Mini Medical School, the sixweek course, led by academics and clinicians from Newcastle University aims to explore a range of contemporary health issues.

2008-07-22 18:00:34

NEW methods to reduce flood risk are being piloted in a Northumberland village. The Environment Agency is working with Newcastle University to monitor the results of new land management techniques in the catchment upstream of Belford.

2008-05-27 12:29:51

A new study by Newcastle University proves that organic farmers who let their cows graze as nature intended are producing better quality milk.

2008-04-24 11:20:00

Scientists at Newcastle University have pioneered breakthrough technology in the fight to cut greenhouse gases.

2008-04-02 00:10:00

In England, at Newcastle University, a team has grown hybrid human-cow embryos for the first time in order to provide research tools for stem-cell based solutions. The embryos were produced after human DNA was injected into eggs from cows’ ovaries.

2008-04-01 18:50:00

One month before the beginning of what is sure to be a lively debate among Members of Parliament, scientists at Newcastle University have reportedly created the first human-animal hybrid.

2008-03-31 13:20:00

A team from Newcastle University aims to design soils that can remove carbon from the atmosphere, permanently and cost-effectively. This has never previously been attempted anywhere in the world.

2008-02-05 12:00:00

In a potential breakthrough for the treatment of serious hereditary diseases, British Scientists from Newcastle University have created ten test-tube human embryos, each containing the DNA from one man and two women.

2007-09-21 12:00:12

Geoff Sykes was one of the UK's foremost academic researchers in the field of biological chemistry. He was a pioneer of bioinorganic chemistry, the study of how metals, often in trace amounts, control the life of cells.

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