Latest Nextel Communications Stories

Sprint Cancels LightSquared Contract As Company Responds To FCC Rejection
2012-03-17 05:24:19

As officials from LightSquared Inc. challenged the FCC's ability to block their planned 4G wireless service on Friday, they officially learned that Sprint Nextel was cancelling a 15-year contract to help build the network.

2012-03-14 07:00:00

Strategic Storage Trust’s existing telecom lease revealed Sprint Nextel had failed to pay significant expenses due within lease terms.

Sprint Board Vetoes Proposed MetroPCS Acquisition
2012-02-26 06:23:41

Sprint Nextel is abandoning plans to take over pre-paid wireless company MetroPCS after the company's board of directors vetoed the proposed multibillion purchase of the fifth-largest mobile telecom network in the U.S.

T-Mobile Urges FCC To Block Verizon Deal
2012-02-23 05:10:18

After recently seeing its own attempted acquisition by AT&T shot down by federal regulators, T-Mobile’s U.S. division is now encouraging those same regulators to block Verizon’s plans to pay cable companies some $3.9 billion for their unused spectrum.

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