Latest NF-κB Stories

2010-03-22 14:47:50

For an as yet unknown reason, cancer radiotherapy can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life, a problem that is growing as more and more people survive their cancer diagnosis.

2010-03-01 05:05:00

BOTHELL, WA and VANCOUVER, March 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2009-11-16 09:39:30

The DNA of each human cell is damaged many times every day. DNA lesions can be caused by ultraviolet radiation, errors in cell division, DNA-damaging chemicals or intracellular metabolic products.

2009-10-02 13:20:22

An international team of scientists has discovered a new way to classify stomach cancers, and researchers say it may be an important step toward designing more effective treatments and improving long-term survival.

2009-09-22 08:00:29

Researchers have identified a mechanism that may keep a well known signaling molecule from eroding bone and inflaming joints.

2009-05-19 08:44:23

Osteoporosis and periodontitis are common diseases whose sufferers must cope with weakness, injury and reduced function as they lose bone more quickly than it is formed.

2009-04-21 22:14:46

An anti-inflammatory herbal extract may inhibit pancreatic cancer, U.S. researchers say.

2009-04-19 09:39:39

An herb recently found to kill pancreatic cancer cells also appears to inhibit development of pancreatic cancer as a result of its anti-inflammatory properties, according to researchers from the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson.

2009-04-10 08:13:28

A study published tomorrow (10 April) in Science examines a key player in conditions such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma and has shown that cells use a sophisticated communication system to coordinate responses to infection and maintain inflammation in the body.

2009-04-01 18:29:14

A biological indicator has been found that may help identify which brain-cancer patients have the most aggressive forms of the disease, U.S. researchers say. Dr.

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