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Indian Flap-shelled Turtle
2007-03-19 18:46:45

The Indian Flap-shelled Turtle, Lissemys punctata, is a species of turtle found in South Asia. They are widespread and not uncommon. Its range includes Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, and Burma (Irrawaddy and Salween rivers). It has been introduced to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is also found in the desert ponds of Rajasthan where hundreds are killed every year during...

Nicobar Pigeon
2006-09-11 13:44:40

The Nicobar Pigeon, Caloenas nicobarica, is a pigeon which is a resident breeding bird on small uninhabited islands in Indonesia and the Nicobar Islands. It is the only member of the genus Caloenas. This is a large, heavy pigeon at 15.75 inches in length. It is mainly metallic green with green and copper hackles on the neck. The head and upper neck, flight feathers and breast are dark grey....

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