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2011-05-12 14:04:42

Researchers found that playing a musical instrument can help keep memories active and hearing working.

2011-05-12 07:29:43

Musical training may offset some unwanted effects of aging, according to a new study.

2010-07-21 14:06:53

Those ubiquitous wires connecting listeners to you-name-the-sounds from invisible MP3 players -- whether of Bach, Miles Davis or, more likely today, Lady Gaga -- only hint at music's effect on the soul throughout the ages.

2010-02-21 08:30:00

Music training enhances brainstem sensitivity to speech sounds.

2009-11-17 09:28:06

The Journal of Neuroscience reports this week that musicians are better than non-musicians at recognizing speech in noisy environments.

2009-11-11 17:54:10

Good readers learn from repeating auditory signals, poor readers do not.

2009-11-11 17:50:13

New research reveals that children with developmental dyslexia have a deficit in a brain mechanism involved in the perception of speech in a noisy environment.

2009-08-21 00:11:40


2009-08-17 15:56:46

Anyone with an MP3 device -- just about every man, woman and child on the planet today, it seems -- has a notion of the majesty of music, of the primal place it holds in the human imagination.

2009-07-13 17:15:17

A child\'s brain has to work overtime in a noisy classroom to do its typical but very important job of distinguishing sounds whose subtle differences are key to success with language and reading.

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