Latest Nintendo DS Browser Stories

2009-03-12 13:04:25

Sales of the Nintendo DS are now over 100 million devices since its launch five years ago, according to the company. March 6, worldwide sales of the DS toppled 100 million, including the original model, the DS Lite and DSI, Nintendo said in a statement on Wednesday. Games available on the DS like "brain-training" have helped to sell the device because of the broadened attraction to play those games, such as everyone from core gamers to women and older people. "We aim to shift from one machine...

2009-02-19 12:45:45

Nintendo on Wednesday announced plans to bring its newest portable video game system to the US on April 5. Offered in October in Japan, Nintendo's DSi is an improved model of its popular DS portable device. The new model will feature two digital cameras and the ability to play music, which Nintendo hopes will make it a strong competitor against Apple Inc's iPod and iPhone models. The new model also features a larger screen. Players will be able to use the new camera to put images of...

2006-02-16 02:45:00

By John Gaudiosi LOS ANGELES -- Nintendo is expanding the entertainment capabilities of its best-selling Nintendo DS, making it possible to watch live television and surf the Internet using the dual-screen portable game device. Oslo, Norway-based Opera Software is creating a Web browser for the handheld that will work with the built-in Wi-Fi functionality of the Nintendo DS. Once gamers buy the browser, which will come on a standard cartridge, they will be able to surf the Web on both the...

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