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2011-03-28 12:50:00

NEW YORK, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- On Saturday, March 26, 2011, Nintendo hosted a midnight launch event at Best Buy's Union Square location in New York to celebrate the U.S. launch of the Nintendo 3DS(TM) system.

2011-03-28 12:20:00

Nintendo released its glasses-free 3D handheld gaming system on Sunday in the US.

2011-03-15 09:00:00

EDISON, N.J., March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Majesco Entertainment Company (Nasdaq: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today released Monster Tale for Nintendo DS(TM) to retailers nationwide.

2011-03-11 00:00:29

Founder of ASJImports.com, Artimus S. Jenkins, is pleased to voice the launch of his new web store.

2011-03-07 10:10:00

The Nintendo DS is about to make Pokemon even bigger with Sunday’s launch of two new video games for the handheld portable gaming system favored by school age children everywhere.

2011-03-03 00:00:28

Turtle Beach Unveils the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor for the Upcoming PX5 Programmable Headset, Allowing Developers Total Control of the Game Audio Experience.

2011-03-02 09:03:00

BEIJING, Mar. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Online gadget shop MiniInTheBox.com is being a step ahead amongst all online retailers by being the first to offer alternative accessories for the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS (http://www.miniinthebox.com/_c4729).

2011-03-02 02:59:00

LONDON, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tesco Entertainment is bringing the massive Pokemon Black and White computer game versions to its online store on the 8th March this year. Pokemon Black and White bundles are the next big computer game release out on the market.

2011-02-15 05:35:00

Spanish police arrested a man who has allegedly stolen details on thousands of Nintendo users and tried to blackmail the company.

Latest Nintendo DS Reference Libraries

Nintendo DS Lite
2013-08-05 12:24:52

The Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld game console with a dual screen, developed by Nintendo. It is slimmer, lighter, and brighter than the original Nintendo DS. It was available in Japan on March 2, 2006 with 550,000 systems released; it was sold out soon after its launch. Nintendo released another 700,000 in April 2006, and once again the units sold out by late May 2006. Every time the stores would restock their shelves, the system would sell out within days of arrival. This continued for...

Game Boy Micro
2013-08-04 07:34:17

The Game Boy Micro is a handheld gaming console released by Nintendo on September 13, 2005 in Japan, September 19, 2005 in North America, October 1, 2005 in China as the iQue, November 3, 2005 in Australia, November 4, 2005 in Europe and November 9,2005 in South Korea. It was officially unveiled on May 17, 2005 at a Nintendo press conference. Its predecessor is the Game Boy Advance SP and its successor is the Nintendo DS. It was discontinued on January 31, 2008 and has sold over 2.42...

Nintendo 64
2013-04-27 08:36:08

The Nintendo 64 (N64) is a game console produce and sold by Nintendo. It was released in June 1996 in Japan; September 1996 in North America; March 1997 in Europe and Australia; September 1997 in France; and December 1997 in Brazil. The N64 was the third generation home game console from Nintendo and the last to use ROM cartridges. The N64 was discontinued worldwide by the end of 2003. Its successor was the Nintendo Game Cube released in 2001. Worldwide sales for the N64 reached 32.93...

Nintendo DS
2013-03-05 04:17:55

Image Caption: Original Nintendo DS "Fat" in Blue. Credit: Evan-Amos/Wikipedia The Nintendo DS is a hand held game console with dual screens developed by Nintendo and released on November 21, 2004 in North America. On December 2, 2004 it became available in Japan, February 24, 2005 in Australia, and March 11, 2005 in Europe. On March 2, 2006, Nintendo released the Nintendo DS Lite, it was redesigned slimmer and lighter with a brighter screen. On November 1, 2008 the Nintendo DSi was...

Nintendo 3DS
2013-03-04 04:37:30

Image Caption: An aqua blue Nintendo 3DS. Credit: Evan-Amos/Wikipedia The Nintendo 3DS is a hand held game console produced by Nintendo and released into the Japanese market on February 26, 2011, in North America March 27, 2011, and in Europe March 25, 2011. This device displays 3D effects without the aid of 3D glasses or other accessories. On July 28, 2011, Nintendo reduced the price from lagging sales, but offered ten free NES games and ten free GBA games if purchased at the full price....

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