Latest No Child Left Behind Act Stories

2013-01-15 23:03:07

NEF provides grants to school districts for the development of STEM Academies and integrating technology into the core curriculum. This program is in conjunction with its ADOPT-A-SCHOOL PROGRAM that provides IT, Business and Management Training. Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) January 15, 2013 The National Education Foundation in its efforts to provide STEM Academies has found that many school districts´ budget does not afford the opportunity to implement adequate STEM educational resources....

2012-08-20 15:04:43

The way legislators, experts and other opinion leaders discuss the role of parents and schools in reducing educational inequalities has changed dramatically since the Elementary and Secondary Education Act first passed in 1965. Put simply, parents were viewed as part of the problem then, with schools seen as the solution. In recent years, with No Child Left Behind and more school choice options, these roles have flipped. "There has been a continued focus on reducing educational...

2012-07-21 23:01:38

Despite the recession, the industry has managed to expand over the past five years, bolstered by federal legislation and the essential nature of many educational support services. Growth will remain strong in the next five years as greater high school graduation rates spur demand for college placement tests, boosting revenue. The rate of industry growth will also depend on government legislation and funding, as many operators wait to see what the next step will be after the reform of the...

2012-07-21 23:01:04

Funding under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program and greater competition among high school students for college admission have boosted demand for tutoring and test preparation services. Nevertheless, funding is set to decline over the next five years, which may limit overall growth. While a rise in the number of students will benefit demand, colleges will require fewer mandatory tests, offsetting demand in the test preparation segment. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld...

2012-06-11 09:53:11

Conclusions illustrate complexities of analyzing student achievement Closing the academic gaps in performance among students from diverse backgrounds is a challenge for schools and a mandate from the government. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 has prompted schools and school districts to re-examine elements that impact student achievements. A study completed by a recent graduate from University of Houston's Executive Education Doctorate in Professional Leadership suggests that...

Test Results Show American Middle School Students Lacking Science Knowledge
2012-05-12 05:08:18

Two out of every three eight-graders in the United States are lacking when it comes to basic scientific knowledge, data from a 2011 examination administered by the Department of Education released Thursday has revealed. According to Wall Street Journal reporter Stephanie Banchero , only 32% of students who took the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) were sufficiently proficient in science. On the positive side, that is an increase of 2% from the first time the revised...

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