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2009-01-12 15:16:29

With recent increase in the cost of energy and subsequent explorations into alternative energy sources, the increased harvest of corn residue for cellulosic ethanol production is likely in the future.

2008-12-19 12:01:00

DES MOINES, Iowa, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred today congratulated Steven Albracht of Hart, Texas, and the other 16 growers who won national titles using Pioneer(R) brand hybrids in the 2008 National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Corn Yield contest.

2008-12-09 15:43:00

Methods proven worldwide can sustain farmer profits, address hunger and malnutrition and restore ecological health KUTZTOWN, Pa., Dec.

2008-11-20 09:19:48

A team of scientists report in SSSAJ that they developed a model to measure soil quality and the loss of organic matter due to increased use of crop residues.

2008-10-27 18:00:15

Ward Burton, NASCAR Cup driver and founder of the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, has teamed up with agricultural equipment manufacturer Haybuster to promote wildlife preservation.

2008-09-21 03:00:18

By Hawkins, Gary L Gaskin, Julia; Risse, L Mark The drought in the southeastern United States over the past two years has made national news.

2008-08-19 03:00:25

By Groff, Steve Soil quality and soil health have been a keen interest of mine, especially during the past decade that we have been researching the soils here at Cedar Meadow Farm.

2008-06-19 09:00:30

Isn't it great when the virtuous thing to do turns out to be the lazy course of action as well? Not watering the grass in July and August, for example. Which leads to only mowing once or twice in July and August _ good for Mother Nature, good for summer siestas.

2008-06-18 15:00:19

By Valarie Allen, The Creston News Advertiser, Iowa Jun. 18--What worked and what didn't was the topic of a tour Thursday directed by Union County Conservationist with Natural Resources and Conservation Paul Goldsmith.

2007-02-28 09:56:24

By Jung, W K; Kitchen, N R; Anderson, S H; Sadler, E J ABSTRACT: Plant water and nutrient use for claypan soils are restricted by an argillic horizon (clay content > 500 g kg^sup -1^) that typically occurs 20 to 40 cm (8 to 16 in) below the soil surface.

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2013-04-01 12:48:39

Erosion is the process by which rock and soil are taken from the surface of the Earth by exogenetic processes like wind or the flow of water, and then transported and deposited in another location. While erosion is a natural process, human activities have increased by 10 to 40 times the rate at which erosion is happening globally. Excessive erosion results in problems such as desertification, decreases in agricultural productivity because of land degradation, sedimentation of waterways,...

Dryland Farming
2013-03-15 11:32:48

Dryland farming is farming without the aid of irrigation and only with the amount of rain fall given by Mother Nature. Dryland farming is typical in arid regions such as Southwestern United States, Mexico, the Middle East, and other regions that are known for growing grains. Dryland farming is practiced in all parts of Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory. Process Dryland farming involves the constant assessing of the amount of moisture present or lacking for any given...

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