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Central Park soil
2014-10-02 03:05:28

Soil microbes that thrive in the deserts, rainforests, prairies and forests of the world can also be found living beneath New York City’s Central Park, according to a surprising new study led by Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Boulder.

Demise Of Tallgrass Prairies Was Due To Extremely Fertile Soil
2013-11-01 07:11:49

They have all but disappeared, but America's once-abundant tallgrass prairies were home to dozens of species of grasses that could grow to the height of a man, hundreds of species of flowers, and herds of roaming bison.

2011-08-19 02:14:55

Bacteria from fecal material -- in particular, dog fecal material -- may constitute the dominant source of airborne bacteria in Cleveland's and Detroit's wintertime air, says a new University of Colorado Boulder study.

2010-06-22 07:15:41

Findings have potential health implications as infants grow and develop.

2010-03-16 06:45:00

A new study has revealed that the existence of "personal" hand bacteria, as unique as a person's fingerprints and DNA, could become the latest weapon for forensics experts in their attempts to solve crimes and identify victims.

2009-11-06 06:40:52

A University of Colorado at Boulder team has developed the first atlas of bacterial diversity across the human body, charting wide variations in microbe populations that live in different regions of the human body and which aid us in physiological functions that contribute to our health.

2008-11-04 08:05:00

Are women actually the dirtier of the two sexes?

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