Latest Noise pollution Stories

2012-09-02 23:04:59

An Australian company Noise Complaint Pty Ltd has launched a new website aimed at deterring noisy neighbours who seem to have a complete disregard for the mental anguish and financial damage they cause others. Sydney NSW (PRWEB) September 01, 2012 An Australian company has launched a new website aimed at deterring noisy neighbours who seem to have a complete disregard for the mental trauma and anguish they cause others. The company called Noise Complaint Pty Ltd was started by CEO Larry...

Underwater Noise Pollution Impedes Whale Communications
2012-08-16 06:01:53

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Noise pollution is a problem that plagues us all. Loud cars and trucks, music, airplanes and more create a constant cacophony we have to learn to block out of our conscious mind in order to deal with our lives. However, we aren't the only ones suffering from too much noise. According to a paper published in Conservation Biology, high levels of background noise, mainly due to ships, have reduced the ability of critically endangered...

UC Research Promises Reduced Noise In Automobiles
2012-08-14 12:52:33

UC research featuring a mathematical model for quick-response, noise-cancellation designed to minimize sudden and unexpected noise caused by road hazards — bumps or potholes for example — will be presented in New York City Aug. 19-22. All noise is not necessarily equal — especially when it comes to sound minimization in automobiles. For instance, automakers have long used sound-absorbing materials (passive control) in the design of cars in order to minimize engine...

Whales Coping With Undersea Noise
2012-07-17 18:36:16

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Because extremely loud noises can travel underwater for thousands of miles, they cause over a quarter-million sea creatures to suffer some kind of hearing loss every year, a number experts warn is on the rise. The good news is that whales are able to consciously decrease their hearing sensitivity and prevent hearing loss if given ample warning of an impending loud noise, according to a pair of marine biologists who published their...

House Sparrows Threatened By Urban Noise
2012-07-13 10:56:05

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Man-made noise is something that will likely never go away, yet, long-term exposure to the commotions of everyday hubbub is increasing the likelihood of many health issues for us humans. But humans aside, the ever-droning din of our everyday cultures are also taking a toll on birds, particularly house sparrows. In the United Kingdom, the house sparrow population has been in decline since the 1970s, and noise pollution could be...

2012-07-07 23:01:26

Communicating with family members is a vital part of staying connected. Just being able to talk on the phone and hear a voice can mean so much, but when a loved one suffers from a hearing impairment something as simple as a phone conversation is not easy. The Phone Resource offers phones that help bridge that barrier and make talking on the phone possible for people who are hearing impaired. Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) July 07, 2012 Communicating with family members is an important part of...

2012-07-06 11:40:42

New research in the FASEB Journal suggests that the protein AMPK plays a role in protecting sensory cells in the inner ear from permanent damage and helps maintain hearing after extreme noise exposure If you're concerned about losing your hearing because of noise exposure (earbud deafness syndrome), a new discovery published online in the FASEB Journal offers some hope. That's because scientists from Germany and Canada show that the protein, AMPK, which protects cells during a lack of...

Exposure To Traffic Noise Leads To Higher Heart Attack Risk
2012-06-22 05:45:10

According to a study published in the journal PLoS ONE, exposure to traffic noise could lead to a higher risk of having a heart attack. A new study shows a clear relationship between traffic noise and heart attack risk, with a 12 percent higher risk per 10 decibels of noise. Previous work investigated whether combined effects of noise and air pollution caused by traffic could increase the risk of having a heart attack.  However, those results were inconsistent. The new study,...

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