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Latest Noise Stories

2005-06-03 07:19:15

Those exposed to constant airplane noise showed delayed reading abilities Exposure to high levels of airplane noise may be linked to delayed reading abilities and memory problems among youngsters, a new study finds. While the effects of air pollution on children's health are well known, less is understood about the damage environmental noise could cause. "We looked at the effects of air traffic and road traffic noise on children's health and cognitive development," explained lead researcher...

2005-02-01 07:00:10

Scientists discover how noise maintains entire marine ecosystems Noise is usually nothing more than a disturbance, but sometimes it can be useful. Researchers have discovered that noise could bring order to chaotic systems, protect and maintain entire marine ecosystems, and even make the chemical industry greener. This research is reported today in a special Einstein Year issue of the New Journal of Physics (www.njp.org) published jointly by the Institute of Physics and the German Physical...

2005-01-07 18:03:20

(AP) --  White noise is intended to help you fall asleep. "White Noise" would never let you do that, though. It's far too interested in a cacophony of cheap scares: otherworldly screeches, deafening bursts from the radio and a nearly nonstop, buzzing din of television snow. The title sequence, a harbinger of things to come, is one of those seizure-inducing, don't-adjust-your-TV-set montages of blips and blasts and zig-zaggy lines, possibly in preparation for the movie's arrival on...